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Where’s The Exercise? Pyramid vs. Plate!

In its quest to have a more simplistic approach to healthy living, the USDA’s “MyPlate” left out a very important element that the “MyPyramid” included; Exercise! The figure walking up the stairs on the Pyramid symbolizes the importance of exercise along with healthy eating. It is important that we be reminded that healthy eating is only one part of preventing chronic illness and hypokinetic diseases. The other is exercise. I think the plate is great but maybe the USDA should have considered having a person jogging holding the plate up in the air. I can’t imagine why exercise was left out. Any ideas?

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Healthy Snacks For Summer

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My Low Sodium Journey At The Deli

Low sodiumA while back I was at the deli. I had made a conscious effort to really treat my body like its a “Temple.” Now I’ll be the first to admit, I do slip up every now and then. Sometimes you just need to upgrade to the Grande White Mocha rather than a plain cup of Joe.  So I’m at the deli. I am browsing the selection of meats, when I come across an oven roasted turkey by Sara Lee. The package reads “20% less sodium.” This is great I tell myself. I’ve already grabbed a low-fat low-sodium cheese and I scoured the shelves for whole-grain wheat bread with the lowest amount of sodium I could find.

As I was about to toss the turkey into my basket, the lady behind the counter says, “we have a low-sodium no preservatives Turkey from Sara Lee.” I respond by telling her “I already grabbed it.” She counters by saying, “No, it’s the kind I can cut up for you and it’s 40% lower sodium with no preservatives.” I followed her over to where they slice the meats and sure enough, there was a small label that read:

Sara Lee Oven Roasted Turkey / 40% lower sodium / No preservatives


The lady at the deli proceeded to slice me a sample. Now let me tell you what. I may have tricked myself into liking it because of the healthy label, but it sure was good. The best part, it worked out to be a few cents cheaper than the packaged stuff.

While I was standing there another customer asked for oven roasted turkey. The deli lady (sorry, wish I had a name) asked if she wanted the low-sodium version. This customer responds by saying “No thanks, I like my sodium. If I wanted real turkey I would cook my own.” Now I know what you’re thinking. Surely I had to make that up. Nope! I couldn’t believe it. No wonder so many Americans suffer from hypertension. The healthy choice was there for her to grab. She didn’t even have to go out of her way. It wasn’t more expensive. Yet she still chose to go that route. Makes no sense to me.

Is it even possible to taste the difference between the two. Maybe. But I assure you, the low-sodium version did not taste like cardboard. The sad part is she probably took it home and fed it to her children.

Enough small changes in your diet will gradually add up to make a vast difference. If I eat 5 to 10 sandwiches a week, the numbers really start to add up. Think about this next time you go shopping. If you can make healthy cuts on each one of the ingredients then the final creation you digest will be something your “Temple” can be proud of.

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Quick Fact: Calories

Calorie Quick Fact

Do you know where your calories come from? You may be taking in your recommended daily value (hopefully you know your BMR), but are you taking in too many calories from a particular area (like fat & alcohol). Here is a breakdown of the calories provided by the 3 Macronutrients:

1 Gram of Protein contains 4 Calories

1 Gram of Carbohydrates contains 4 Calories

1 Gram of Fat contains 9 Calories

*It is also important to note that 1 Gram of Alcohol contains 7 Calories. (Almost double that of Protein & Carbs and nearly as much as Fat)

Do you know where your calories are coming from? The package may say “100 Calories,” but is it all from fat? You might want to start paying attention!

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