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HealthyFitFamilies.com was launched with the goal of starting a conversation with families on how to be more healthy, fit, and collective. This journey began with our observation of today’s family. An observation that found today’s family spending more time in front of the television snacking, than they do engaging in activities in health and wellness together. By visiting this site daily, you will learn tips on how to cook healthy meals, prepare healthy snacks, and engage your family in fun, healthy activities. Currently there are very few sites dedicated to providing today’s family with resources that not only make the family more healthy and fit but also more cohesive. Our aim is to exchange information and be a daily source for families who want to become HealthyFitFamilies.


Coach Snaer

Demitrius Snaer

Demitrius Snaer is first and foremost a father and husband who partners with his wife Melissa to lead their family to a healthy, fit, and prosperous life. Demitrius and Melissa believe it is their job to make sure the family makes “healthy choices“. It is not uncommon to see them riding bikes or jogging around the neighborhood with their young daughters. Demitrius has been passing fitness knowledge to others through personal training and coaching since 1993. As an athlete, Demitrius is an All-American, state and national champion sprinter and recently represented the USA at the Master’s World Championships where his team broke a world record in the 4x100m relay. He has trained high school, college, and professional athletes and has amassed local and national recognition for his abilities. Demitrius is often asked to fitness speaking engagements and has been a clinician throughout California and Nevada.

Demitrius has a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism from CSU Fresno, a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology from Fresno Pacific University, and is a certified personal trainer. Demitrius is also a Level 1 Certified Track and Field coach and has been named Coach of the year by 3 different governing organizations. Demitrius teaches Health, Physical Education, and Mental Training at a local college.

Coach Dale

Dale Hancock

Dale Hancock is also a loving husband and father. Together he and his wife Renae have decided that their family will live a life of “Health and Fitness.” Dale has spent the last 10 years expanding his knowledge and devoting himself to fitness, wellness, and overall health. Dale is a former United States Marine. Dale treasures the time he spent serving this great nation. He has a passion for serving and therefore will continue to do so by now enlisting in the “War Against Obesity.”

Dale holds a Bachelors Degree in Sports & Health Science with a concentration in Athletic Performance. He also holds a Masters Degree in Sports Management with a concentration in Coaching Theory. He is a USA Track & Field Level 1 Coach and a Certified Personal Trainer. Dale currently teaches in the Health, Physical Education, and Recreation department for a local college. One of his top goals is to “spread the love.” He wants to ensure that you and your family have the resources and understand the importance of being healthy and fit!



  1. Karen Lesie says:

    I’m leaving wat I’m doing 4 the misfit challenge. Cardio at least 5x a week doing 30 min on the stairmaster.
    Thank u

  2. Dominique Eldermans says:


    I am a 28 year old qualified Personal Trainer and mum to one and one to be. I think this site is brilliant. I currently work for Curves part time and came accross you whilst updating the Curves facebook. I agree with everything you have said. I think it is quite sad the way families sit infront of the tv/ game consoles or children get crisps and sweets to keep them quiet in the buggy. I am glad there are people like you trying to spread the word of a healthier lifestyle – BRILLIANT! x x

  3. Joe Gonzales says:

    Please give me a call. I would love to talk to you guys about what you are doing. I really like your Facebook page. 216.288.1255. I live in the Cleveland, Ohio area and have a passion for helping people in their health and fitness goals as well.

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