Menu’s by Mesa de Vida – Your answer to the dinnertime dilemma!

Read on to hear the special offer ONLY for fans!

Do you want to save money, time AND look like a ROCK STAR in the kitchen?

Menu’s by Mesa de Vida can help you with all of this! Perfect if you:

  • Want to plan your weekly meals but don’t have the time or inspiration
  • Want to incorporate healthier, exciting meals into your menu rotation
  • Want to have a meal plan in place to avoid the “What am I going to cook for dinner”? drive-thru temptation
  • Are looking for healthier meals the entire family will love to help you all live a healthier life
  • Like to cook but get stuck in a menu rut
  • Want to save money on your grocery bills
  • Want to save money by not eating out as much
  • Enjoy cooking and want quick, easy recipes along with a few recipes that will teach you some new techniques and make you look like a star in your kitchen
  • Want to save time menu planning, grocery shopping and cooking your family meals
  • Want to build up a large recipe file
  • Have easy to follow recipes that anyone in the family can follow – you don’t have to be the only chef in the house anymore!
  • Want to expand your family’s palate a bit

What you get:

  • Weekly Menu plan for 5 dinners, plus a bonus healthy dessert recipe delivered to your email box every Friday at 7:00am- go shopping over the weekend in half the time and be ready for the week ahead!
  • Detailed grocery list, simply formatted for printing, with only what you need for the week – no more throwing away money on groceries that go in the trash!
  • Easy to follow recipes – also simply formatted if you want to print, that are fresh, affordable and include items you can find in most grocery stores
  • Every month you subscribe you get  new amazing recipes that you can reference again and again, saved right on your computer! 


Subscribe today at

Here are what people are saying about Menu’s by Mesa de Vida:

If this menu plan gets you to avoid eating out even ONE DAY it will have paid for itself!



If you sign up for Menu’s by Mesa de Vida you will get a FREE subscription to share with TWO friends! Yes! You can share the cost or just give them away as a gift. BETTER YET…if you sign up for the 6 month or 12 month subscription two of your friends will get the same subscription – imagine sharing the cost of this and arming yourself and two others with healthy meal plans to save you time and money for 6 months or even ONE ENTIRE year of delicious dinners and a huge database of recipes to reference over and over again!

To take advantage of this offer subscribe here: then send an email to letting me know you subscribed and the email address and first name of two friends/family members that would like to receive the subscription as well.

This offer expires on March 7th….take advantage of this great offer today!

Bring More Life To Your Table…Enjoy!

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