Jumpstart 2012 By Working On Ourselves “Week 9 Check In”


You’ve made it to the home stretch. Let us know how you are doing. Don’t forget to check in.

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  1. Michael Ard says:

    Still in it.

  2. tracy reed says:

    Still in

  3. gina says:

    Yep! Still in!

  4. Melissa Snaer says:

    I’m in:)

  5. Lissa Gerrity Gibson says:

    I’m still in !! : )

  6. Anna flower says:

    Anna flower still in

  7. Jennifer Wilson says:

    One more week, WOOT!

    But that just means one more week of checking in. This is NOT over!

  8. Ryan Wilson says:

    Checking in

  9. Braden Wilson says:

    Still in

  10. Brooklynn Wilson says:

    Checkin in

  11. Bryson Wilson says:

    i’m checking in

  12. Xander Wilson says:

    I’m still in too

  13. Jeanette Danielle Hays says:

    Still In!! So excited about lifestyle change, even though I plan on celebrating by eating some ice cream…lol

  14. Angela shelton says:

    Still in This has been the easiest recovery
    From any marathon

  15. Jill Chamney says:

    Still in!!!

  16. Pamela Tarr says:

    Still in! I’ll be going for longer than 10 weeks, but this has been awesome to kick things off!

  17. Samantha says:

    Still in! Forget to checkin but still in!

  18. Catherine Marquis says:

    In it!

  19. Carrie Laudone says:

    Still in

  20. Donna Howell says:

    Still in…. not sure if it took my last comment. I am happily down 31.7 lbs in 8 weeks. Only 5 lbs until my goal!!!

  21. Lissa Gibson says:

    Still in!! :)

  22. Pamela Tarr says:

    still in.. hope this is not too late!

  23. Shawna Morales says:

    Im still in I have been away from home and no access to a computer hope its not to late to sign in for last week! Im feeling great and very close to hitting a milestone. A 100 lb loss. :)

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