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Fan Page Spotlight- Hungry Healthy Happy

3 years ago, I got the scare I needed to realise that something needed to change. I was having health problems, mainly heart related, due to my weight and it was effecting my life. I was only young, that should not of been happening to me. I shouldn’t have been missing out on all the things my friends were doing just because I couldn’t control what I was eating. I was an emotional eater, and that needed to change.

I started small. I cut out junk, processed foods and stopped getting takeaways. I gave up alcohol for 6 months (which really helped kick start the weight loss) and I started cooking everything from scratch. I had never really cooked before, I was just putting things in the oven, or turning the microwave on. I started buying fresh foods, some I had never tried or even heard of before. I changed the taste of things with herbs and spices, rather than covering it with fatty sauces and I discovered a love of cooking. I actually became pretty good at it. After 6 months, of not really trying, but just cooking more healthily, I had lost 40lbs. I hit a plateau at that point and I knew I had to kick it up a gear, and that meant exercise.

Again, I started slowly, as I knew that I couldn’t just head out and run a 5K. I got a Wii Fit and did some gentle yoga everyday. Not only was it stretching my muscles, ones I didn’t even know I had, but it was relaxing me too. It was great for my mental health and that was something that really helped with my emotional eating. I then started going swimming too. It is a gentle exercise that doesn’t put too much pressure on your joints, which is perfect if you are overweight, and it is a brilliant cardio workout. I moved out of the plateau and the weight started coming off again. I then needed more, so I started going to the gym, picked up a few workout classes with Zumba and step aerobics and with a LOT of hard work and dedication, I reached my goal in February 2011 – in time for my wedding in May. It wasn’t easy. There were times when I wanted to give up, and times when I did give up and ate too much, but I never let one bad day turn into a bad week. I always got straight back on the wagon. No matter how tough it got though, I always kept my goal in sight, and that was improved health. With each pound, I could breathe better. When I reached my goal, I felt amazing, like a different person.

The battle did not stop there. I have been maintaining since then (up and down a few lbs here and there) and I truly think that is the hardest part. I can never eat whatever I want all the time, as I will put on weight so much quicker than other people, because of how much I have lost. That doesn’t mean I don’t treat myself, I do, but I still have a structured exercise routine to burn it all off and I eat clean 95% of the time. The recipes on this site are all about healthier alternatives to the foods I love. So, healthier cakes, and healthier alternatives to takeaways play a big part.

I started this website and the Facebook page back in June. I wanted to help other people who are in the same situation. It isn’t just about weight loss, it is about making lifestyle changes so you can be healthier. That includes eating better and exercising more. This website and the Facebook page keeps me on track with maintaining as well and it allows me to pass on all of the things I have learnt along the way. If you ever have anything to ask me, just head to the Facebook page and post on the wall or go to the contact section of this website.

Feel free to have a look around the website. You will find lots of recipes for healthier alternatives to the foods you love, blog posts, diet tips, exercises you can do at home, general news, products I love and even a 3 week kick start plan.

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Menu’s by Mesa de Vida – Your answer to the dinnertime dilemma!

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Do you want to save money, time AND look like a ROCK STAR in the kitchen?

Menu’s by Mesa de Vida can help you with all of this! Perfect if you:

  • Want to plan your weekly meals but don’t have the time or inspiration
  • Want to incorporate healthier, exciting meals into your menu rotation
  • Want to have a meal plan in place to avoid the “What am I going to cook for dinner”? drive-thru temptation
  • Are looking for healthier meals the entire family will love to help you all live a healthier life
  • Like to cook but get stuck in a menu rut
  • Want to save money on your grocery bills
  • Want to save money by not eating out as much
  • Enjoy cooking and want quick, easy recipes along with a few recipes that will teach you some new techniques and make you look like a star in your kitchen
  • Want to save time menu planning, grocery shopping and cooking your family meals
  • Want to build up a large recipe file
  • Have easy to follow recipes that anyone in the family can follow – you don’t have to be the only chef in the house anymore!
  • Want to expand your family’s palate a bit

What you get:

  • Weekly Menu plan for 5 dinners, plus a bonus healthy dessert recipe delivered to your email box every Friday at 7:00am- go shopping over the weekend in half the time and be ready for the week ahead!
  • Detailed grocery list, simply formatted for printing, with only what you need for the week – no more throwing away money on groceries that go in the trash!
  • Easy to follow recipes – also simply formatted if you want to print, that are fresh, affordable and include items you can find in most grocery stores
  • Every month you subscribe you get  new amazing recipes that you can reference again and again, saved right on your computer! 


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Jumpstart 2012 By Working On Ourselves “FINAL Check In”

You did it! 10 weeks of fruits, veggies, water, exercises, and no vices, CONGRATULATIONS! PLEASE Check In and update us on your progress!

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Jumpstart 2012 By Working On Ourselves “Week 9 Check In”


You’ve made it to the home stretch. Let us know how you are doing. Don’t forget to check in.

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