Jumpstart 2012 By Working On Ourselves “Week 8 Check In”

If you have made it this far, your reward is probably the great new look and feel you are sporting. Congratulations… Two weeks to go!

Be sure to check in, “still in,” in the comments section here.

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  1. Jill Chamney says:

    Still in! Even though I battled a terrible troat infection. I still did light cardio and my sit ups and push ups! The water was the easiest part this week! :)

  2. Margaret says:

    checking in and noticing body changes (jeans kept falling down today – looked like the boys hiking them up) although my weight is up a bit. go figure.

  3. Angela shelton says:

    Still in marathon on Sunday!!!

  4. Donna Howell says:

    still in…. now down 23.6 lbs in 7 weeks and feeling so much better!

  5. lissa Gerrity-Gibson says:

    I’m still in. I have to say I’ve only lost 5lbs. I’ve given up eating Potato Chips and French Fries but my cravings for various other bad things have increased.

  6. Michael Ard says:

    Still in it.

  7. tracy red says:

    Checkin in!

  8. tracy reed says:

    Still in

  9. Catherine Marquis says:

    Still in!

  10. Anna flower says:

    Anna flower still going strong

  11. Melissa Snaer says:

    Still in and lovin it!

  12. Pamela Tarr says:

    Still in! about 10 pounds down now.. looking and feeling much better! I am the fruit lady at work now and have a bowl on my desk for everyone!

  13. laura gomez says:

    still in!! feeling stronger and leaner then never before!! once this challenge ends,please have another one for us to start again!!

  14. Shawna Morales says:

    Still in it!! Feeling awsome!

  15. gina says:

    Still in!! :-)

  16. Xander Wilson says:

    still in

  17. Brooklynn Wilson says:

    Still on

  18. Bryson Wilson says:

    still in

  19. Braden Wilson says:

    I’m still in

  20. Ryan Wilson says:

    Still in

  21. Jennifer Wilson says:

    We’re still in. Gonna try “boy” pushups this week!

  22. Jeanette Danielle Hays says:

    Still in! Loving the increase in energy! More than anything loving that my family is on board with me in making healthy lifestyle changes. My 3 year old almost did his first pull up today:) Ty!

  23. Carrie Laudone says:

    Still in! no exercise this week due to a girly infection. I really really missed it! back to the gym on Tuesday!!! still lost 4 pounds! total of 18!! my work pants are falling off! :-)

  24. Lissa Gerrity-Gibson says:

    Still in = )

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