Jumpstart 2012 By Working On Ourselves “Week 6 Check In”

We are now over the hump. Week 6 is in the books and many of you are still going strong! At this point if you haven’t seen huge successes, you need to reassess your daily intake and the intensity of your workouts. The following articles will assist you in reaching your goals!



Please check in and let us know that you are still going strong in this challenge!

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  1. Coach Snaer says:

    Still In! Veggies and water is getting easier and I have had no ice cream or alcoholic beverages in 6 weeks.

  2. Samantha Wright says:

    Still holding on! My deployed husband is still going strong as well!

  3. Jill Chamney says:

    Week six and still in baby! I am really enjoying this challenge! I have lost 8% of my body weight and will be doing measurments this weekend for the mid way point! Everything is coming naturally except the water – I still have to remind myself to get it in and sometimes find myself forcing to chugg a few glasses throughout the day because I am just not thirsty.

  4. Colleen Harvey says:

    Still in. Unbelievably hard week.. But down 10 pounds. Usually do Pilates DVDs at home but felt brave enough to do a mat class in a studio today. Awesome feeling! And I could keep up. :) Thsnks again!

  5. Lorie walker says:

    Still going strong! I think I finally broke the 180′s for good. This is the second week in a row that I am below 180! That was a hard thing before Christmas I was struggling with. Water has become easier and kinda of habit first thing in the morning to chug down a glass as soon as I go to the kitchen! I havn’t measured myself since a few weeks ago, but I feel like I have so much energy. Giving up chocolate has been a good idea, I find now that I am not craving really extra sugary things in general. I do miss the occasional hot chocolates, especially when we have been doing ice skating. But I switched to a hot coffee, or chai tea which they have at the arena and it’s not a bad alternative. I have been tempted a few times, and challenged with fruits and veggies especially on weekends or if we ate out. But I have veggies cut up and carry around with me for the weekend to get them in at the mall, running errands etc. Fruit is also easy to grab and go. There is usually a bannana or an apple in my purse/bag. p.s I talk about this challenge everyday. My co workers, friends, family. Few think I am crazy and can’t believe I am doing this, others are inspired and are trying as well just not facebookers like me!! lol

  6. Jennifer Seiler says:

    Still in it…what a difference some small changes have made. Hubby and I even went out to dinner last night, we were both very careful about the choices we made and we satisfied and stay within the range of our goals. I am smaller today then I have been in over 2 years.

  7. Michael says:

    Still in it. I have to share this story. My wife told me the other day to stop flexing my abs. I laughed and said I wasn’t and then flexed them. She is now converting more and more to this new lifestyle not a 12 week challenge.

  8. Jeanette Danielle Hays says:

    Still In!! So excited about the Leaps and Bounds that my family of 4 has made to improve our health. We were eating ok before, we are eating healthy now, and today we are setting a plan to start being even healthier. My husband and I started the p90x and we our excited to see the results and step up our workout load to make great workout habits. Again, can’t thank y’all enough for helping us take the next step to healthier lives. My 3 and 1year old are loving it too. They love the healthy snacks and play working out with mommy&daddy. They are really loving our new energy level to play with them;)

  9. lissa gibson says:

    Yay! Still in!!

  10. Carrie Laudone says:

    Still in!!! 17 LBS down!!! :-)

  11. Jennifer Wilson says:

    We are still in! I’ve made the switch to drinking only water also! Well I guess I should say to get me through the day. I still have my coconut milk in the mornings with my protein shake!

    My kiddos have gained a little bit of weight too but I can only credit that to an increase in muscle as they were not very active before. We’ve succeeded in getting the video game controllers out of their hands more!

    Jennifer Wilson
    Ryan Wilson
    Braden Wilson
    Brooklynn Wilson
    Bryson Wilson
    Xander Wilson

  12. Ashley Williams says:

    Still in

  13. Shawna says:

    Still in and feeling stronger than ever! :) Thanks HFF!!!

  14. Catherine Marquis says:

    Still here.

  15. Briana Starks says:

    Still in! I kinda can’t believe it!

  16. Pamela Tarr says:

    I’m doing really well. Since the start of the year I have lost almost 10 pounds!!!!!

  17. Melissa Snaer says:

    Still in and kickin!!

  18. nondumiso says:

    Well am still innnnnnnn

  19. Trena Steinmetz says:

    Still in! The whole family is still in. Sorry didn’t check in yesterday. My daughter had state competition for cheer. They took second place!! They did amazing!

  20. Tina-Marie says:

    Tina-Marie Monterroza – STILL IN :) Spent all day yesterday shopping and prepping healthy meals for of veggies for my family.

  21. Samantha Wright says:

    Still in!

  22. Lissa Gibson says:

    Still in :) Had some serious cravings last night for chips but didn’t give in!

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