Jumpstart 2012 By Working On Ourselves “Week 5 Check In”

Pat yourself on the back; you have made it to the halfway point! By now the cravings are starting to fade away and the inches are starting to shed. Let us know your successes and difficulties. Here are a few articles that you should read in order to expand your health and wellness knowledge and help you WIN this challenge:




Don’t forget to check in, “still in” in the comments section! Congratulations


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  1. Catherine Marquis says:

    Still in and digging it!

  2. Lorie walker says:

    Still In!!!

  3. Jeanne Auer says:

    I think I’m going to have to say I’m out. Everything is good except the pushups. They’re just hurting my shoulders too much. I love the rest of the challenge, and will continue with it anyway. Thanks!

  4. angela ewing says:

    still in :)

  5. Kathy Lunetta says:

    Still in!

  6. Tina-Marie says:

    Tina-Marie Monterroza still in!

  7. Shawna says:

    Still in however this week weight is going of slow, but Im not giving up!!!! I feel great tho :)

  8. Shiloh Wester says:

    I think I forgot to log in that I was still in last Friday :( So I may not be “officially” still in, but I am definitely still in this for the long haul!!

  9. Aimee Benoit says:

    Still in! Feeling great and finding I can push myself so much harder than before!! :)

  10. Jennifer Wilson says:

    We are still in. My husband and I are getting frustrated because we aren’t seeing much change but I know change is happening. Pushups are getting easier and easier and I actually broke out my P90X abs dvd to do extra. We are going to bed earlier so we can get up earlier and start our workout.

    Of course the kids are loving it cuz they don’t see it as a lifestyle change, they are just having fun!

    Thanks for this opportunity, it’s great to have a checklist each week and someone to hold you accountable!

    Everyone have a great weekend!

    Jennifer Wilson
    Ryan Wilson
    Braden Wilson
    Brooklynn Wilson
    Bryson Wilson
    Xander WIlson

  11. Michael says:

    Still in it.

  12. Dale Andrews says:

    Still in, although you wouldn’t be able to recognize me from 5 weeks ago. Amazing results thus far, looking good and feeling GREAT!!!

  13. Jill Chamney says:

    Jill Chamney is still in! There is something to be said about challenges like this. I feel accountable so even if I want a sip of Pepsi I have not had one drop! Or at the end moving last weekend when I was so tired I wanted to skip my workouts I have stay committed! I will suceed until the end and further. Not looking at pounds anymore I am looking at fat %. Started this challenge at 34.6% My goal is to reach 20% (25% by the end of the challenge)

  14. Tabitha Johnson says:

    Still In!!!!

  15. Brandee Gilmore says:

    still in

  16. nondumiso says:

    Nonduu still innnnnnn

  17. Briana Starks says:

    Still in! I was doing well, and then I let stress get to me and I started overeating. But, this week, I’ve tracked my food and focused on cleaner eating. My official weigh ins are on Sunday, but I peeked, and I’m down 4 lbs! Something a little embarrassing, but since having my youngest 3 months ago, I couldn’t do a sit up and I was doing crunches. Happy to report that I’m doing full situps now! And, I’ve been taking the long way on campus and being more active with my kidlets. I can feel my stamina increasing! Love this challenge. It’s totally doable and I’m seeing results!

  18. Colleen Harvey says:

    Still in! Went on a little vacation and stuck to it. I feel so sluggish if I don’t work out now. My energy is way better and my body shape is starting to change. Down several pounds and have no desire for diet soda anymore. Thanks, HFF!! =o)

  19. Anna Flower says:

    I am still handing in there strong as ever

  20. LISSA says:

    I’m still in. The 64oz of water is getting a little tough. I was hoping it would have gotten easier by now. lol. The good news is I have lost my craving for potato chips and french fries altogether.

  21. Anna Flower says:

    I am still going strong 8-D

  22. Amanda Jacobs says:

    Still in.

  23. Jeanette Danielle Hays says:

    Still In! Definitely have toned up and lost inches. Just started the p90x. Appreciate the help. Finally seeing changes in our lifestyle for the better.

  24. Renee Smedley says:

    Still in…I barely miss soda at all, It’s the hardest when I go out to eat to not order one but I do say I have been consuming a lot of water.

  25. Ashley Williams says:

    Still in!

  26. Sherri Allsopp says:

    still in

  27. Sherri Allsopp says:

    still in,

  28. Melissa Chard says:

    Still in, and not craving soda or fast food at all! Also I crave water now and have notice a change in everything!

  29. gina says:

    Still in and going strong!

  30. Melissa Snaer says:

    Still in!!

  31. Donna Howell says:

    Still In…. Down 16 lbs!!! 19.5 to go…. bring it on!

  32. Pamela Tarr says:

    Still in! Feeling great, although recovering from a cold. Weigh in on Monday.. Hoping for a total of 8 pound weight loss… tracking well this week.

  33. Carrie Laudone says:

    Still in!!!!!!!! 14 LBs down!!! Sorry i’m a day late. Lots of hours at the bank this week.

  34. Cindy Davis says:

    Kickin’ it and still in! :-)

  35. Erin K. says:

    Still in!

  36. Trena Steinmetz says:

    Steinmetz family all still in. Was out at a cheer competition with my daughter today and we had subway and water for lunch! Yeah, no fast food for us!

  37. Gail Holstrom says:

    Still in.

  38. Jenna Master says:

    Still in! Although I forgot to check in Friday like I usually do, so I may technically be disqualified. I still plan on continuing though.

  39. Angela shelton says:

    Still in

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