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I have struggled with my weight since I was a young child.  Even as an adult seeing the pictures from when I was such an overweight child in grade-school can bring tears to my eyes.
I started my first diet when I was a child and have spent the rest of my life trying to find that magical diet, pill or product that would make the weight disappear.  I’ve tried all of the diets and diet pills and just about anything you can imagine, I gave it a try to lose weight.
I wasted many years losing and then gaining back weight by trying all of the newest diets.  I was a professional dieter and was able to lose weight on most of the diets I tried.  In fact, I lost large amounts of weight, 80 – 100 pounds a few times, only to gain it all back and also a few extra pounds added on.
I was always planning or thinking about my next diet and eating everything that I told myself would be off limits when I started my next diet.  My inner dialogue was a constant negative chatter about food and what a failure I was because of my weight.  When I realized how negative my self-talk was I realized my self-talk was a big reason for my struggle with weight and it needed to change.
I decided this time I had to do things different. I was going to focus on my health from the inside out.  No diets, no deprivation or off limit foods, but a new positive and healthy lifestyle I could stick with forever.
The Three Steps I used to start focusing on my health were not as easy as they might look.  You’ll notice my steps were all about adding in things.  I was so tired of taking things away from myself and would rebel and overeat when I felt deprived.  I decided to add in positive things and Focus on Getting Healthy.
1.  I started with adding in Positive self-talk.  This was a struggle for me because I had spent years not believing in myself, telling myself I was fat, ugly and a failure.  In fact,  this was the hardest step for me to accomplish, but it one I am so happy I kept working on.  I wake up every morning and tell myself I believe in myself and believe I deserve to have all of my dreams come true and live a healthy and healthy life. 
2.  I added in activity.  I had been very inactive for many years.  My joints, bones muscles, my whole body hurt all of the time.  I started with 5-10 minutes of just walking.  Sometimes outside, sometimes just walking in place in front of the TV
3.  I added in Healthier Food Choices.  Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Over time the 3 steps became easier for me and have turned into healthy new habits that I follow every day. As I worked on my 3 steps I continued with my positive self-talk until the inner dialogue I had inside was one of encouragement and belief in myself and my abilities.
I continued with my activity and continued to walk for longer periods.  I now walk all over the neighborhood, use my mini-trampoline and am so proud of the fact that I have my first bicycle in almost 30 years that I love riding around the neighborhood.
I continued adding in more healthy foods,  unlimited fruits and vegetables,  and as time went on and I kept adding in more healthy foods, learning portion sizes and I continued to nudge out the unhealthy foods I had been eating.
It was not an overnight process.  It took time and a lot of work, but it has been so worth it.  I have learned so much about myself through this journey and am looking forward to the continuing journey ahead.
I have now lost 125 pounds and feel like I have my life back.  It’s an awesome feeling and one I hope for everyone that has struggled with their weight to be able to experience for themselves.  Don’t give up!  Believe in yourself and believe you deserve to be healthy and happy because you do!
Jaki Sinclair blogs at Slim Down U (www.slimdownu.com) has lost 125 pounds and is committed to inspiring and empowering others to make healthy new habits one step at a time. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jakislimdownu
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