Jumpstart 2012 By Working On Ourselves “Week 3 Check In”

Congratulations! You are another week into accomplishing your Health and Fitness Goals. Hopefully you are also teaching your family to follow in your footsteps. As Chef Kirsten of Mesa De Vida explained, There are many ways to get your kids (or reluctant husband) to eat more fruits and veggies. If you still aren’t seeing results, maybe you are making some of these common mistakes in the Challenge. No looking back now! Keep it up. Don’t forget to check in “Still In” in the comments section!

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  1. Coach Snaer says:

    Still In… Congrats everyone. I’m looking leaner and eating cleaner!

  2. Dale Andrews says:

    Still in

  3. Catherine Marquis says:

    Still in! This feels good!

  4. Katherine Bradley says:

    Still in!

  5. Carianne says:

    Still in! ;)

  6. Meisy Diaz says:

    WEEK 3 AND STILL IN !!!!!

  7. Aimee Benoit says:

    Still in! And I don’t really crave soda anymore :)

  8. Jill Chamney says:

    Jill Chamney is still in! The water is the thing I have to consciously think about but I am drinking at least 8 glasses per day!! Down 6.5 lbs since the start!

  9. Shawna says:

    Im “still in”…down another 1.7 lbs total of 8.4 lbs. Feeling great!

  10. Priscilla Chavez says:

    still in!! ;)

  11. Melissa Chard says:

    Still In!!!!!!!!!

  12. Anna Maria says:

    still in

  13. angela ewing says:

    still in

  14. Jeanne Auer says:

    Jeanne Auer is STILL IN!

  15. Renee Smedley says:

    Still in Still wanting a soda but not gonna do it!

  16. Donna Howell says:

    Still In…. Loving it! My motivation to stay strong and continue is only getting bigger. As I get smaller. Can feel the difference already. I weigh in today for my second weigh in. Can’t wait!

  17. Michael says:

    Still in it. Did you get last weeks check in? I think it went on the wrong page. Sorry about that I was trying to use my phone to check in.

  18. Colleen Harvey says:

    Still in! Not having diet soda has cut my sugar cravings like crazy!!

  19. Lorie Walker says:

    Still In! I think this is the longest ever my will power has held up, I truly believe getting in all my fruits and veggies are helping. I do have to watch my “licks, buts, and tastes” though, I caught myself having a teaspoon of peanut butter as I was waiting for my toast. Lorie Walker

  20. Tina-Marie says:

    Tina-Marie Monterroza – STILL IN!

  21. Lisa Stander says:

    “Still In” ….had a rough couple if days but managed to hold firm!!!!

  22. beth smith says:

    Still in

  23. Erin K. says:

    Still in!

  24. Ayarin Tinajero says:

    Still in:)

  25. lissa gerrity-gibson says:

    Still In :) )

  26. jenn jones says:

    Still in :)

  27. Diane Stephan says:

    Still in!

  28. Amy says:

    still in!!

  29. Dana Sullivan says:

    Still In

  30. sherri allsopp says:

    still in

  31. Danielle Hays says:

    Still In! No weight loss, but I feel great! Toning up and lost some inches around my hips/waist!

  32. gina says:

    Still in!!! Woohooo!!!

  33. Amanda Jacobs says:

    Still in and feeling awesome!

  34. roy says:

    still here!!

  35. Angela shelton says:

    Still in

  36. james mooney says:

    james mooney still in!

  37. PAM PULLEN says:

    At the middle of the week I thought I would bow out because of the sit ups were causeing me problem,I have took your advice and modified them so I could stay in the challenge not because I wont the shirt or money but because I need the extra motivation to jump start my way to a healther me! So with that said I’m “still in” if that is ok! thank you!!

  38. Scott Lester says:

    still in

  39. Laurie says:

    still in

  40. Donaa Ellis says:

    Still in!!!!

  41. Carolyn Lecce says:

    Still pluggin away …. 7 more weeks or 9 more weeks no matter … I want my determination to flow more smooth this week!

  42. Rebecca Adair says:

    Still in baby!!

  43. Margaret says:

    Still there. My first night run (in the dark) last night and I start a new training team tomorrow. Less than 2 months until my next 1/2 marathon.

  44. Carrie Laudone says:

    Still in!!!!!!! YEAH BABY!!!!!!! :-)

  45. Kathy Lunetta says:

    still in!

  46. Shiloh Wester says:

    Still in!!

  47. Merrill Sutherin says:

    Week 3 – Still In! Lost another 4 lbs. this week for 8 total!

  48. Melissa Snaer says:

    Still in and ready for more!!

  49. Tanya Bakken says:


  50. Jenna Master says:

    Jenna Master is “still in!” Was proud of myself tonight….went to the movies & didn’t give in to my favorite movie fare of popcorn & Cherry Coke. Drank bottled water instead!

  51. Melissa LaRue says:

    Still in, but barely – two injured LCLs this week are making things difficult!

  52. Pam Struckel says:

    Still in baby!

  53. chundra Lewis says:

    Still in….

  54. Michelle McMurray says:

    Still In!

  55. Tabitha Johnson says:

    Still In!!!

  56. Briana Starks says:

    Still in! Push ups are getting easier!

  57. Ericka says:

    Still in

  58. victor gilmore says:

    Still in!

  59. brandee gilmore says:

    Still in.

  60. Jennifer Wilson says:

    Still in and gotta say LOVIN how I’m feeling so far! We’ve had points where we wanted to give up but we have each other to hold accountable & it really helps keep pushing on!

    Jennifer Wilson
    Ryan Wilson
    Xander Wilson
    Braden Wilson
    Brooklynn Wilson
    Bryson Wilson

  61. Ashley Williams says:

    Ashley Williams still in!

  62. Jennifer Seiler says:

    Jenn Seiler still in it…lost 11 lbs so far. Even attended a birthday party today and just drank water…no pizza or cake for me.

  63. Gail Holstrom says:

    Still in.

  64. Nicole Lambert says:

    Still In…

  65. Laura Gomez says:

    “Still in baby!!” have never stopped drinking diet coke for this long!!!

  66. Pamela Tarr says:

    Still in and feeling great… about 4 pounds lost so far.. not too much, but it will last.

  67. Marili Cortez says:

    Still in :-)

  68. Miriam Gonzalez says:

    Still in! I’ve maintained my weight…(I’ve lost 55 pounds prior to the challenge). I am still recovering from my foot infection and instead of sit-ups, I’m doing leg raises, without setting my feet on the floor, until I’m done with my reps. My foot is healing nicely, and I’m glad to have maintained weight.

  69. Trena Steinmetz says:

    Steinmetz family is all “still in”. Finally starting to feel good again. Yeah!

  70. Emilie Heles says:

    Still in :)

  71. Kerry Waters says:

    Still in it

  72. Ben Theiss says:

    Still in it!

  73. Chris Adair says:

    Chris Adair is still here But since I forgot to check on yesterday am I disqualified?

  74. Sandi Davis says:

    Still in!

  75. Cindy Davis says:

    Still in!!!! I seriouisly can’t believe I haven’t had sugar in 22 days — It’s crazy and cool all at the same time!

  76. Tracy Shelley says:

    Still in it and not missing those yummy peanut M&Ms!

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