Jumpstart 2012 By Working On Ourselves “Week 2 Check In”

CONGRATULATIONS, you have made it through week 2. If you haven’t yet, please weigh and measure yourself and post your successes here as well. We’ve heard weight loss numbers as high as 20lbs. If you are still having trouble beating the sugar cravings, please read our article, Beat the Sugar Cravings With These 8 Tips. Many of you have asked about the emphasis on fruits and vegetables so we decided to start writing articles regarding the benefits of both. Take a look at this article An Apple A Day. Are you losing your Motivation? Get it back with these easy steps.

Don’t forget to comment, “Still In” at the bottom of this post!

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  1. Coach Snaer says:

    Definitely “Still In!” Let’s Go!

  2. Lori says:

    Still in!

  3. Amy Fullington says:

    Still in!! :)

  4. Carianne says:

    I’m still in it! I have lost 5 lbs and feel so much better.

  5. Allissa Thimesch says:

    Allissa Thimesch is STILL IN! But a little discouraged to only have lost 1 lb this week – makes 2 1/2 lbs total.. :( I have dropped parts of inches in certain places since the beginning of the year though.. just impatient with the progress!

  6. Melissa Chard says:

    Still in and rocking it!!!! Starting to have more energy everyday!

  7. Tanya Bakken says:

    Still In! Realizing it is hard to squeeze in so many fruits/veggies – I’m not hungry enough to eat them! :) Making “Green Monsters” for extra spinach in the morning, sweet potato/apple soups for lunch, etc! I’m sticking to no ice cream OR pizza (added that in to) VERY well! Lost about 3 pounds..*(I don’t have much to lose anyway, but needed a “revamp” on the nutrition thing!). THANK YOU!

  8. Bobbie Sue Ritter says:

    “still in” barely and with much struggle but I will do this. I have to…

  9. courtney losee says:

    Still In!!!

  10. Tina-Marie says:

    Tina-Marie Monterroza – STILL IN! W00t!

  11. Dana Sullivan says:

    STILL IN- Getting harder started a seconded job so I’m more tired and less time but I will finish this… I love a good challenge and I have lost 3.5 lbs so far and I can see changes in my body. Thanks again

  12. Jody Nelson says:

    I’m still in, like others, struggling to eat veggies – as I can’t eat non-soluble fiber veggies – boy, it’s getting my creative juices flowing! Like the apple/sweet potato soup idea!

  13. Mary Harper says:

    I’m still in!!!!!!!

  14. Meisy Diaz says:


  15. Alison Milone says:

    Still in!!

  16. Amanda Jacobs says:

    Still in!

  17. Jeanne Auer says:

    STILL IN! Feeling more fit every day!

  18. Anna flower says:

    Still Going strong

  19. Tracy Shelley says:

    Still in!

  20. Shiloh Wester says:

    Shiloh Wester is still in!!! Lost a few pounds, but don’t really have much to lose….but I FEEL so good!! I’ve found that variety is important with the produce, and leaving bowls of cut up veggies on the counter is an easy way to get my family to snack on healthy food vs junk. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that I feel full pretty much all day. I actually feel like I’m eating more food than I used to, but I think it’s mostly because I’m eating more frequently, and the veggies make me feel fuller for longer. Anyways, I’m still in, and still loving it :)

  21. Jill Chamney says:

    Jill Chamney AKA Running Jill is still in!!!

  22. Lorie Walker says:

    Lorie Walker is STILL IN!! This week was harder than last. Came down with something on Thursday, but made it through. Just did some fun WII sport things with my daughter to get my exercise in for that day, and chugged the last glass of water before bed. Ok with the veggies and fruit. Chocolate is the vice I gave up and was tempted when Scott had a chocolate bar in front of me this week, and at Dairy queen for a treat when we were out, but chose Strawberry cheesequake blizzard, a mini one and shared it with the kids! Scale and measurements are for this Sunday. Waiting till then.

  23. Sherri Allsopp says:

    STILL IN!!

  24. Colleen Harvey says:

    Still in!!!! :) :)

  25. PAM PULLEN says:

    Pam Pullen is “Still in” it to win a healthy body and active life.Thanks for the help!

  26. Shawna says:

    Im “still in” feeling great lost another pound yayy!

  27. Lisa Stander says:

    STILL IN! Down 4 lbs. I unearthed my clothing laden treadmill, actually using it to walk/run 45 min a day, no soda, no fast food, no junk! Feeling a little more like myself each day!!!! Water intake holding steady. A challenging weekend ahead of me-officiating at an ALL DAY/ALL WEEKEND swim meet. I CAN DO THIS!!!! Thanks for the push!

  28. Chris Brown says:

    Still in! No fast food in two weeks, and down 6.2 lbs.

  29. Kathy Lunetta says:

    Still in. Not trying to lose weight (at a healthy weight already). No trouble eating the fruits/veggies (I’m vegetarian, its natural! Eating fire roasted tomato-red lentil soup now for lunch). Main issue is my vice, and I succeeded in avoiding at work this week.

  30. Donna Howell says:

    I’m still in…. My first weigh in today and I lost 7.6 lbs. Not bad for week one. Now I just need to make sure week two I at least lose a pound.

  31. Ayarin Tinajero says:

    Still in

  32. Katherine Bradley says:

    Woohoo! Still in! I’m going to weigh in Monday morning. Looks like another week of altering my run schedule, though, since my kids are out of school Monday; I’ll just have to shift over a day. :)

  33. Aimee Benoit says:

    Still in!!! :)

  34. Jenna Master says:

    Jenna Master is “still in.” Last Friday when I first reported in I had lost 5.8 lbs. I was weighed/measured on Tuesday (1 week since starting) and my loss was up to 7 lbs. I am still holding at that 7 lb. mark. Guess the week 2 curse on “The Biggest Loser” holds true for me too, lol. I will be weighed/measured on Tuesday again so I hope to report more loss than.

    Enjoying my butternut soup for lunch which is something I never would have done before this challenge. It’s amazing how carb/protein loaded my meals were with little or no fruits & veggies. I’ve wholehearted embraced this challenge not only for the 10-12 weeks, but as a lifestyle change. I’ve never felt better!

  35. lissa gerrity-gibson says:

    Still In ;)

  36. Chris Adair says:

    Chris Adair is still in :)

  37. Catherine Marquis says:

    STILL IN! :)

  38. Dale Andrews says:

    “Still In” down 5 Pounds, ready to step it up on the Cardio next week!!!

  39. Danielle Hays says:

    Still in!! Gained a couple pounds, but I’m gonna see it through;) glad to see my whole family joining me to eat healthier!

  40. Laurie Brink Lester says:

    Still in

  41. Scott Lester says:

    Still in

  42. Tabitha Johnson says:

    Still in

  43. james mooney says:

    james mooney is still in

  44. Pam Struckel says:

    Still in! And so proud of myself!

  45. Donaa Ellis says:

    Donaa Ellis – still in and feelin’ good!

  46. Kerry Waters says:

    I am still in. Had a few struggles’ but stayed the course and glad I did.

  47. tiffany moorhead says:

    Still in it to win it! !!!

  48. gina says:

    Still in!

  49. Margaret says:

    still in for some reason – not a great week and not seeing much in the way of results yet. Must try harder.

  50. beth smith says:

    Still in

  51. Michelle Buchanan says:

    Still in and this week was a struggle!! But I’m goin to be alright!

  52. Marili Cortez says:

    I’m still in!!!!!!

  53. Angela shelton says:

    STill in

  54. Ashley Williams says:

    Still in!

  55. Michele says:

    Still in. I have had a rough weekl fighting my cravings(due to pms!) but made it through!

  56. Jennifer Linkey says:

    Still in! Down 6 lbs total:)

  57. Nicole Lambert says:

    STILL IN^_^

  58. Angela says:

    Still in! :)

  59. Melissa LaRue says:

    Melissa LaRue is still in, and loving feeling stronger!!

  60. Nicole Whittle says:

    Still in!!! Struggles and all, but still in.

  61. Chrissy Andrews says:

    Still in!!

  62. nondumiso says:

    Nonduu khoza is still in, proud of everybody whs keeping. up with da task
    Big up guys

  63. Julie Mathis says:

    still in!!

  64. chundra Lewis says:

    Chundra is still in.

  65. Rebecca Adair says:

    Couldn’t access this yesterday! But I’m still in!!

  66. Pamela Tarr says:

    Still in.. sorry, just saw this on fb.. hope I am too late. Doing really well with the fruit, water and exercise.. feeling great and lighter.. weigh in on Monday!

  67. Michelle McMurray says:

    still in – hard week to get all he exercise in but making it work

  68. Erin K. says:

    Still in!

  69. Marie narcisse says:


  70. Jacqueline says:

    Found an app that is keeping up accountable for everything we put in our mouth and our exercise. McDowell’s still in!!

  71. Terri says:

    Im still in….rough start but feeling better each day!! Cant wait to see and feel all the results!!

  72. Ericka quinones says:

    Still in. I’m maintaining the same weight but I feel hurter

  73. Gail Holstrom says:

    Still in.

  74. Buffy Dye says:

    Must say I am not in. Crazy schedule this week had me not getting to exercise one of the days. I can honestly say that even though I am not in the challange I will continue to do the requirements on my own and use the check list. Thank you so much for doing this challange and making the checklist. Perfect incentive to get something done every day!!

  75. Jennifer Wilson says:

    Still in and going strong!

  76. Ryan Wilson says:

    Still in

  77. Braden Wilson says:

    I’m still in

  78. Bryson Wilson says:

    Still in

  79. Brooklynn Wilson says:

    I’m still in

  80. Xander Wilson says:

    I’m in

  81. Lisa Watson says:

    I’m out. Had a crazy couple of days and didn’t get all of my fruits and veggies in. The check list has made a big difference in my eating so I am going to continue it! Thanks!

  82. charlotte smith says:

    Still in. Lost 6lbs:-)

  83. Renee Smedley says:

    Still in yup yup!!

  84. Jon Master says:

    Jon Master is “still in.”

  85. Cindy Davis says:


    14 days without sugar and I feel great — Didn’t even lick the spatula, or my finger, when I made my daughter’s birthday cake this week — nor did I have a piece of her cake (It was chocolate on chocolate with Reese’s peanut butter cups chopped on top!!)

    Bring on Week 3! :D

  86. Heather Bella says:

    Still in and feeling much more comfortable in my clothes :)

  87. Carol Mays says:

    Still in!

  88. Sandi Davis says:

    STILL IN!!!

  89. Trena Steinmetz says:

    Steinmetz’ family “still in”

  90. Misty robinson says:

    Ribinson family still in!;)

  91. Diane Stephan says:

    Still in

  92. Shanna M Freeman says:

    Still in! Going strong!

  93. Emilie Heles says:

    Still in :)

  94. Jennifer Maynard says:

    I’m out! :(

  95. Shanna Nichols says:

    Sadly, I’m having to bow out. I am no longer able to exercise on a daily basis, due to health reasons. I’ve been doing great with avoiding my vice and getting in my fruits and veggies, though!!

  96. Ben Theiss says:

    Thanks Healthyfitfamilies for helping me be organized about my health. I’ve done four days of the challenge and I’m a better person and feel better already.

  97. Melissa Snaer says:

    Still in

  98. roy says:

    im still in!

  99. Merrill Sutherin says:

    Stll in and lost 4 lbs.

  100. Priscilla Chavez says:

    still in!! ;)

  101. Miriam Gonzalez says:

    Still in!

  102. Anna Maria says:

    Still in to win it. I don’t mean for a prize my reward is to succeed in my lifestyle change.

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