Jumpstart 2012 By Working On Ourselves “WEEK 1 CHECK IN”

All you need to do is comment, “still in” so that we can check you off! Make sure your first and last name are in the comment as well. Having trouble with sugar craving? This article might help: Beat The Sugar Cravings! We are so happy that you made it through Week 1! Let’s roll right into week 2! Don’t lose your Motivation!

Remember to comment, “still in!” My example is there!

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  1. Coach Snaer says:

    Coach Demitrius Snaer is “still in” and soooooo ready to win! NO EXCUSES!

  2. Shawna says:

    Shawna Morales is “still in” GO ME!!! :D

  3. courtney losee says:

    still in!!

  4. Carrie Laudone says:

    Carrie Laudone is still in!

  5. David Smalley says:

    “still in”

  6. Still in- hoping bronchitis will leave so i can do more with my 30 mins!

  7. Angela Ewing says:

    Angela Ewing is “still in” and feeling great :)
    -No excuses-

  8. Ester Portalés says:

    Still innnnnn

  9. Melissa Chard says:

    Melissa Chard is still in!!!!

  10. Jean Campbell says:

    I am still in. The eating veggies is hard-I don’t like them but I am at least trying

  11. Allissa Thimesch says:

    Allissa Thimesch is STILL IN and excited to try out some new veggie recipes! Down 1.5 pounds this week!! Woohoo!

  12. Beth Smith says:

    Still in – just got cholesterol results back – 285!!!!!!! How’s that for motivation!

  13. Jill Chamney says:

    I am Still in! Loving this challenge!

  14. Priscilla Chavez says:

    Still in!! ;)

  15. Dana Sullivan says:

    STILL IN- Feeling great Thanks for this challenge!

  16. deedee lowe says:

    Dee Dee Lowe “still in it” :)

  17. Erin Kruse says:

    Still in!

  18. Chris Brown says:

    Still in!

  19. Lori Hegar says:

    Still in!!

  20. stephanie nichols says:

    Stephanie Nichols ” Still in”

  21. Shiloh Wester says:

    Shiloh Wester is still in, and feeling great!!!

  22. Amanda Jacobs says:

    Still in!

  23. sharon g says:

    Sharon Gruttadauro..still in..struggling to find time/desire for push ups/sit ups but still here!

  24. Kim Cutsail says:

    Still in! Great download and challenge!! Love it!

  25. Katherine Bradley says:

    Still in!

  26. lucie mitchell says:

    Still in!

  27. Janna Nelson says:

    Janna Nelson is still in, but not sure I can continue…3 servings of fruit a day is messing with my blood sugar levels, my dr. only wants me eating one and more veggies.

    • Kimberley Arnold says:

      Hi Janna. From what I understand it’s okay to have 1 fruit and 6 veggies if need be. Of course balance is ideal, but if you have dietary restrictions I’m confident that HFF will understand. Perhaps try the lower glycemic fruits, but I’m sure you’ve talked to your dr about that already. Just trying to help :) good luck. We can do this!

    • Coach Snaer says:

      ummmm… what Kimberley said… lol… definitely have 1 and more veggies! Good job!

  28. Chuck Garza says:

    Still in and loving it!!

  29. Kim Oskam says:

    Im in!!

  30. jenn jones says:

    Still in ! :)

  31. Scott king says:

    I am sooooooo still in. been at it since tuesday and am already down 8lbs

  32. Monica Gibson says:

    Still in…

  33. Maggi Ciccarelli says:

    Maggi Ciccarelli is still in and feeling great!

  34. nondumiso says:

    Nj khoza is still in buuuuuyyyyaaaa

  35. Maria Senquiz says:

    Maria Senquiz still in! I’ve actually enjoyed it and feel quite accomplished. The hardest thing is still drinking the water. I need to work on that. I realized though, that I don’t start drinking until 9:30am so I need to start much earlier in order to get my water in. ~working on that~

  36. Diane Stephan says:

    Diane is “still in”. :-)

  37. Kathy Lunetta says:

    Still in!

  38. Amy Fullington says:

    Amy Fullington is still in and loving it!!

  39. Gail Holstrom says:

    Gail Holstrom is still in.

  40. Victoria Hernandez says:

    Victoria Hernandez is “still in”! Thought it would be harder to eat veggies but so far so good! : )

  41. I was wondering – I have been running for quite a few years and every program and article I’ve read has a rest day in it. They have said that the muscles need to rest and repair in order to get stronger. With the 2012 Challenge Plan, you are requiring 30 minute exercise everyday. Has the thinking changed about this?

    • Sarah Clarke says:

      I have already checked this. Its 210 mins a week so that equates to 30mins a day but it doesn’t matter how it is broken down in the week. I also feel rest days are important in running. Hope that helps.

      • Ok. The calendar shows 30 minutes a day, so that’s what I thought was required. I take what is written literally.

        • Barbara Liebergall says:

          I agree Merrill. I’m a runner too and that part is a little confusing. I just took it to mean I can do a very easy run or even a walk that day. Actually my understanding is some easy exercise does help you recover faster than total rest.

    • Coach Snaer says:

      Everyone who has replied is actually correct. You can either take a rest day and get 210 or you can work different muscle groups, walk, or have a very light workout. Rest is very important. However body weight exercises and weight training will help your running. Great question. Thanks!

  42. Renee Smedley says:

    Still in….My body is sore but I’m in it to win it!!!

  43. Heather B says:

    Heather Bicking is still in! Next week is going to be a tough one – heading to CO on vacation for the week! But I am excited – found a great little workout video that I can stream on my kindle! Plus the push up and sit ups!

  44. Marie Narcisse says:

    Marie Narcisse is “still in”. This is the longest & hardest week ever UGH BUT IM GOING IN HARD.

  45. Gen Morris says:

    Still in :)

  46. Alison Milone says:

    Still in!!! Tough to get in the veggies…feel so full from them…but feeling great!

  47. Tracy Reed says:

    Still in!!

  48. Scott Lester says:

    Still in

  49. Nicole Lambert says:

    “Still In”

  50. Laurie Brink Lester says:

    Still in

  51. debbie bricely says:

    still in though struggling to get the exercise in!

  52. roy says:


  53. Carianne says:

    Carianne Barr is still in!

  54. Meisy Diaz says:


  55. Aimee Benoit says:

    Still in!!

  56. Pam Pullen says:

    Pam Pullen IS “Still In It” to win it! Feeling great and going the distance,love it!

  57. Sarah Clarke says:

    Still in!

  58. Kirsten says:

    Still in! I didn’t join until Tuesday…but, ya know, I’ll make up for it ;)

  59. Chrissy Andrews says:

    Chrissy Andrews is still in it!! So far, so good and not as hard as I thought…but I know this is just the beginning, and I’m sure it will be much harder in another couple of weeks. :-)

  60. Michelle Allain-LaBella says:

    Still in! Thanks for helping me stay motivated everyone!

  61. Kimberley Arnold says:

    Still innnn! :)

  62. lissa gerrity-gibson says:

    Still In

  63. Rebecca Tyler says:

    Rebecca Tyler is STILL IN! Staying focused! NO EXCUSES! :)

  64. Sherri allsopp says:

    Still In!

  65. Michael says:

    “STILL IN!” May I recommend that more people try biking to work? Currently been biking to work for 4 and 1/2 years now.

  66. Jody Nelson says:

    Jody Nelson – Still in it!! Enjoying the after holiday weight loss already:)

  67. Colleen Harvey says:

    Still in!! =o)

  68. Zach, Michele, and Chabryel Fay says:

    Zach, Michele, and Chabryel are STILL IN!!!

  69. Brandee Gilmore says:

    Brandee Gilmore still in!!!!

  70. Lorie Walker says:

    Lorie Walker is STILL IN !!!!

  71. Jenna Master says:

    Jenna Master is “still in” and 5.8 lbs. lighter!!

  72. Dale Andrews says:

    Still in

  73. Bobbie Sue Ritter says:

    “still in” Barely but still…

  74. Tabitha Johnson says:

    Still in!!!

  75. I’m in! But, I signed up at the last minute yesterday, so my first week starts this Sunday. Does this ‘disqualify’ me?

  76. gina says:

    I am still in! :-)

  77. ericka says:

    still in

  78. Tracy Shelley says:

    Tracy Shelley is still in it!

  79. Scott Thomas says:

    Scottie to hottie is still in!!!

  80. Shanna Nichols says:

    Still in!!

  81. April Barr says:

    April Barr is still in and 3 pounds lighter :)

  82. Deanne Chapman says:

    Deanne Chapman! Still in!!!

  83. Donaa Ellis says:

    Donaa Ellis is STILL IN and down 1 pound!

  84. Mary Harper says:

    Still in

  85. Donna Howell says:

    Still in…. very excited!!!

  86. Theresa Bobst says:

    Is still in! :)

  87. Anna flower says:

    Im still in strong!! Hey I can do this on my phone sweet

  88. Sarah Sichrovsky says:

    Sarah Sichrovsky is “STILL IN” and feelin proud of it!! Time to drink some water =)

  89. Rebecca Adair says:

    Still in!!

  90. Melissa Snaer says:

    Melissa Snaer is still in and winning already!!

  91. james mooney says:

    james mooney is “still in”

  92. Heather Bella says:

    Still in :) :)

  93. Denise Parker says:

    Denise Parker is still in.

  94. Julie Camacaris says:

    Julie Camacaris is still in!!

  95. Kara Coleman says:

    Kara Coleman is still in it to win it!

  96. Monica Ralls says:

    “Still in”

  97. Jon Master says:

    Jon Master is “still in.”

  98. sandra alexander says:

    Still in

  99. Trena Steinmetz says:

    “Still in” Trena, Derek, Liz, Rebecca, Victoria, and Annabelle Steinmetz

  100. Barbara coronado says:

    Still in!!!!

  101. Jennifer Walker says:

    Dylan Walker and I are both “still in” & living it!!

  102. Barbara coronado says:

    Still in !!!!

  103. Tina-Marie says:

    Tina-Marie Monterroza is STILL IN! I GOT THIS! Let’s MOVE!

  104. Xander Wilson says:

    Still in!

  105. Nichole says:

    Still in!

  106. Braden Wilson says:

    I’m still in

  107. Ashley Williams says:

    Ashley Williams is still in!

  108. Bryson Wilson says:

    I am still in too

  109. Brooklynn Wilson says:

    Still in

  110. Ryan Wilson says:

    I’m still in, no smoking today!

  111. Jennifer Wilson says:

    I’m still in and have learned I actually like celery! Who would have thought!

  112. Dixie Cornelius says:

    Still in it!
    Dixie Cornelius

  113. Tanya Bakken says:

    I’m still in!! Doing pretty darn good to! :)

  114. Misty robinson says:

    Im still in!!! Down 3lbs!!;) family is doing great too!!;)

  115. Atalyssa says:

    We are all still In. I added my husband and parnts when I joined the blog you have my name up but not my parEnts or husband

    Atalyssa Neil- still in
    Matt Neil- still in
    Jana Sivers – still in
    Bruce siver – still In

  116. Melissa Martinson says:

    Melissa Martinson.. I am still in this!! No fast food for a week. I am down almost 2 lbs. YAY!

  117. Jeanne Auer says:

    Jeanne Auer is STILL IN! Loving the way I feel participating in this challenge!

  118. Angela shelton says:

    Still in

  119. Pam Struckel says:

    Pam Struckel is still in!

  120. Mich mcccann says:

    Still in!!

  121. Arin Perry says:

    Im still in, but i just signed up yesterday :0) tonight is gonna be a test for me because fridays are pizza night and since im vowing to give up cheese its gonna be tough. Im gonna make my own on a whole wheat tortilla with tomato pesto and veggies, without cheese…….hopefully it turns out good :0)

  122. Julie Mathis says:

    still in!!

  123. Barbara Liebergall says:

    Still in

  124. Dwite Tucker says:

    Definately still in!!

  125. Jennifer Seiler says:

    Still in it and already lost 2 lbs.

  126. Emilie Heles says:

    Emilie Heles….Still in :)

  127. Melinda McGlaun says:

    still here.

  128. Megan stoff says:

    Still in

  129. Buffy Dye says:

    Still in :)

  130. Michelle Buchanan says:

    I’m still in and feeling great!!!!

  131. Chris Adair says:

    Chris Adair still in :)

  132. Marili Cortez says:

    Marili Cortez is ” still in” and ready to win!!!!! :-)

  133. Kathleen Hendley says:

    Kathleen Hendley is “still in” & excited :)

  134. Dawn Imel says:

    Dawn Omelet is still in.

  135. Jennifer Seiler says:

    Forgot to put my name…Jennifer Seiler is still in

  136. Melissa LaRue says:

    Melissa LaRue is *still in*, and loving the workouts and veggies!

  137. Lori Quiring says:

    I am so in!!!! Count me, count me!!

  138. Sara Snoke says:

    Sara SNOKE—-STILL IN! I’m already down 4 lbs and have tons more energy. Thighs and biceps are sore but its a good sore. Tells me I’m doing something right. Keep up the good work everyone.

    • Coach Snaer says:

      Good job. Make sure you are getting recovery time, treat soreness with ice, and keep pushing through.

      • Sara Snoke says:

        I use biofreeze for sore muscles. Should I be useing ice as well? Sunday will be my recovery day. I’m going for 6 days a week cardio @ 45 mins. I just do a fast walk/jog interval training with a small incline. Every other day I also do weight training on top of the push-ups and sit-ups. I’m going strong and have great motivation.

        My initial this I gave up was just red meat because your challenge asked for only one item. However, my eating habits have dramatically changed. I’m doing a low fat, low carb., high protein diet that does not include red meat. It is workings wonders for my body. Carbs seem to be poison for my body so I have found by limiting them and cutting all carb intake by 1:00pm really helps.

  139. Deidre Smith says:

    Still in.

  140. sharon says:

    Sharon Gruttadauro..Still in..although struggling to find time to do the sit ups and push ups but still in as of today!

    • sharon gruttadauro says:

      this is by the way the my 2nd check in…couldn’t find my check in from this am when I was looking.

  141. Kerry Waters says:

    I am still in it

  142. Nicole Whittle says:

    Nicole Whittle is STILL IN. Struggling terribly, but have the will to finish.

  143. sharon gruttadauro says:

    Still in

  144. Leah says:

    Still in!!

  145. Dawn Shady says:

    still in

  146. Cindy Davis says:

    Had a great first week without sugar! I haven’t hurt anyone in my house yet — I think this is the “calm before the storm” week! Hahaha! STILL IN!

    • Coach Snaer says:

      haha… just keep all sharp tool out of reach. Way to go!

    • Sara Snoke says:

      Your brave to give up sugar. I try my best to not eat anything with sugar however, I have an occasional weekness and I will end up munching on a piece of chocolate if its in the house. Try to keep thistle. Things out of the house and it will help dramatically. Keep up the good work.

  147. Ann Masangcay says:

    Ann Masangcay – Still in

  148. Michele Adair says:

    Still in!

  149. serena case says:

    still in!

  150. ashley goins says:

    Still In!!!!!!

  151. Lisa Landis says:

    Im floating but im still in! Im feeling good!!

  152. angela vaquera says:

    Still in with my bad foot and orders from doc to not run! But I’m in.

  153. Jennifer Linkey says:

    Still In!

  154. Deanna Decker-Chavez says:

    Deanna Decker-Chavez – Still in. Barely made it but got it all in :)

  155. Margaret says:

    Still in. Working out with my Team in Training friends tomorrow. Maybe 10 miles? I am so looking forward to training with a team again.

  156. terri million says:

    Terri Million – still in

  157. Sara Bell says:

    Sara Bell is still in!

  158. Wendy James says:

    Still in…Lets do this…woot woot

  159. Pamela Tarr says:

    Still in!

  160. Briana Starks says:

    Still in! Hooray!

  161. Allison Etheredge says:

    Allison Etheredge is still in!

  162. Alicia Parker says:

    “Still in” YAY

  163. Helena Woods says:

    Still in!

  164. Fannie Sills says:

    Fannie sills still in

  165. Danielle Hays says:

    Still In! Wow I have never drank so much in my life;)

  166. Victoria Brunn says:

    I am still in!
    Chris Brunn is still in!
    Andrew Brunn is still in!
    Jackson Brunn is still in!

  167. KAREN MONTALVO says:


  168. Miriam Gonzalez says:

    still in!

  169. Catherine Marquis says:

    Catherine Marquis still in.

  170. Cynthia Smalley says:

    still in

  171. Leanne says:

    Doing good. Still In

  172. Victor Gilmore says:

    Still in….

  173. chundra says:

    Chundra is still in. :)

  174. chundra Lewis says:

    I forgot to include my last name. But I’m still in

  175. nondumiso says:

    Nonduuuuuuu stillll innnn yea

  176. Jenny Knight says:

    Still in…

  177. kimberly fitzpatrick says:


  178. Tiera Harris says:

    Still in.

  179. Carolyn Lecce says:

    “still in” MINUS the t-shirt drawing. Didn’t get my push ups or sit ups in yesterday Grrrrrrr But I’m going to get back on it and keep going for the long haul! ALL 12 weeks

  180. Jodie Caldwell says:

    Stll in!

  181. Jodie Caldwell says:

    Still in!

  182. laura gomez says:

    “still in” getting harder by the day

  183. N Huizar says:

    Still in :-)

  184. Judi Leal says:

    Still in!

  185. Tracy Whitman says:

    Still in!

  186. Kay says:

    Kay Barron is still in!!!

  187. tiffany moorhead says:

    Still in it to win it!!!!!

  188. Melanie Bowman-Rouse says:

    Still in!

  189. Michelle McMurray says:

    Still In

  190. RANDI BELCHER says:


  191. Jamie Rodriguez says:

    still in! Staying away from my vice was no problem this week. Water…EASY! Push-ups & sit-ups… EWWWWWW; really hard! I’m getting weighed & measured by a health educator on Monday and they’ll help me track my progress for 12 weeks. I can’t wait to see how far I can get in that time.

  192. Jess Walker says:

    Still in!

  193. Alvira Blue-Roberts says:

    Still In!

  194. Jodi Maguire says:

    Still in :) Walked 6 miles today after kickboxing!!! I’m whooped…good night!!!

  195. Catrina Kraft says:

    Still in but struggling :(

  196. Jennifer says:

    Still in.

  197. sandy says:

    still in

  198. sonya says:

    sonya palmer is “still in”

  199. Karen Lowe-Bumper says:

    Still in… The push ups are hard but I do about 100 sit ups a day…

  200. Shanna M Freeman says:

    Shanna Freeman is “still in” & feeling great! :)

  201. Lisa Stander says:

    Still-In !!!!

  202. Janell Johnson says:

    Still in :)

  203. Edgar Arriola says:

    “still in” i got this!!

  204. Vickie Frelich says:

    Still in! Who Dat!!! :)

  205. Leah Taylor says:

    Bathing Suit Day is in 12 days, definatley still in!

  206. Jacqueline says:

    McDowell’s still in!

  207. Sarah Myers says:

    my internet was down yesterday. can I still be in??? I am down 4lbs.

  208. Melanie says:

    Still IN

  209. crystal long says:

    STILL IN – I did not have PC access until today – I was in Florida – We ran the Ragnar Relay From Miami to Key West!

  210. kim lesperance says:

    not sure if still valid today, but still in it. If not, at least on my own end, I am still in it.

  211. Danette says:

    Is it too late to start at week 1 and go for 12 weeks. I just found out about this; but love it and want me and my family to participate.

    • Coach Snaer says:

      That’s fine Danette. However, you can also join in now and finish the 10 weeks as we will be starting another challenge similar to this one, but better, in our opinion, immediately after this one ends. Thanks for joining in!

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