Do You Have a Sweet Tooth?

I certainly have a sweet tooth. I hadn’t had a Golden Oreo in 2 months as I was doing a No Junk Food Challenge. I had successfully replaced the cookies with fresh fruits and mixed nuts. I’ve been so happy that I was able to do it that I decided to buy a pack of cookies so that I could put them away and have them sparingly. I thought since it had been 2 months and I had replaced the cravings with healthy alternatives, I would have complete control… Wow, was I wrong. Here I sit typing this sentence and all I can think about are the last 10 cookies left. This is exactly why in my article, Beat the Sugar Cravings with These 8 Tips, I wrote, “Don’t Buy It.” I know we should allow ourselves cheat days but here are some better ways to get your fix if you are going to buy it.

  • Buy only what you want to have on that given day (a serving, a scoop, or a cup)
  • Eat before going out to buy the snack
  • Think about it before you do it… Is it really worth it?

I have learned a lot from this experience and I hope you have as well. What are some other ways you beat your cravings?

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  1. Kirsten says:

    I agree 100%, I am the same way. I just can’t keep it in the house and if we do decide to have a cheat dessert I buy only enough for that serving. If there is a little bit left, mommy guilt keeps me from eating the rest, I think about how happy it will make my kiddo’s to get an extra dessert. :) I find that when I was substituting my treats with things like fat free jello, etc. I was never satisfied. I find that if I am truly hungry, I go eat an orange or an apple, then tell myself that I will allow myself something else if I am still hungry. Usually I don’t want anymore. Having something with more fat, like nuts, fills me up and makes me feel satisfied and I don’t want much else. That is why I make my snacks at night either pistachio’s (cracking them helps you not eat as many also) or 4 almonds with 4 dark chocolate nibs. A bit of cheese and some nuts is a nice end of the day snack also if you have been eating really well otherwise and can “afford” a few extra calories. Good luck staying away from the Golden Oreo’s! :)

    • Coach Snaer says:

      Thanks Kirsten.. I will be trying some of these ideas. I can afford a few extra calories but that’s not all that I got out of the Golden Oreos. I devoured them very fast.

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