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Has Dolvett Made You Forget Jillian Yet? (Is Bob Bitter?)

Face it; Jillian Michaels has been absent from The Biggest Loser for 2 seasons now!

No matter how many people beg for her return through facebook and Twitter, so far she isn’t coming back. According to the Los Angeles Times she explained on her way out; “How many times can I scream last chance workout? This job is all consuming. It’s seven days a week. I want to start a family. It’s time.”

Through the first 11 seasons there have been many understudies however none have had the staying power of Jillian and Bob. They captured the hearts of Americans with their motivating yells, inspirational talks, and grueling workouts. Then the news of Jillian’s departure sent shockwaves through the blogosphere. Rumors of trouble with Bob, management, and money surfaced. None stuck as Jillian put an end to those rumors by letting everyone know that she had made the decision independently and not because of problems or money. Michaels’ departure caused threats from devoted viewers who swore they’d never watch the show again.

Enter Dolvett Quince and Anna Kournikova.

Both were very enthusiastic and inspirational trainers however Kournikova failed to connect with the contestants and the show and Anna decided mutually that she wouldn’t return for season 13.

Dolvett on the other hand was an instant success. He was called a Fox and a half by one contestant and was often complimented for his big smile and even bigger heart. The contestants that he works with call him inspiring, motivating, and unrelenting in his approach to help them succeed. With all these compliments, what’s not to love about Dolvett?

Well ask Bob!

He came off as the Bitter Loser on episode two of season 13.

While his contestants were in high plank positions, Dolvett was army crawling under them. Bob was so disturbed by this that he accused Dolvett of stealing his workout routines. So much so that he took his team outside to complete their workout. Some might say Bob was a bit of a sore loser after losing the first weigh in of the season. You decide.

So with all the drama, good looks, and muscle that Dolvett brings to the Biggest Loser, has he made you forget about Jillian yet? Also, what’s more important, your love for the trainers or the contestants reaching their fitness goals? (Are you reaching yours?)

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