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EPIC: It has become as annoying a word as GINORMOUS and no one says it in their normal tone of voice. It was reserved for Sci Fi sequels but has recently become anything a teen or mid life crisis-ed adult wants to use it for. “That was an EPIC salad,” said his uncle to all the teens at the Christmas party while wearing his hat to the right with a flat bill. “EeeePpppIiiiiC,” said the teen to his friends regarding a fry that was a quarter of an inch longer than the others.

SWAGGER/SWAG: Thanks to my nerdy friend Jason Furtado, an English teacher, I know that this word was coined by Shakespeare and means “to walk with an air of confidence.” But who else would know that? Seriously when anchors on Fox News and MSNBC start using terms made popular by hip hop, you know it’s time to retire it.

“President Obama has a little swagger in his step today,” said the anchor after Obama’s approval rating went from 40% to 41% according to a new poll they ran an hour after a poll showed his approval rating to be 40%.

“Mitt Romney will have some swag today,” said the anchor after learning that undecided voters in Iowa are leaning toward Romney days before the Caucus.  

Just Saying(Just sayn): “That girl is pretty,” said the nice teen hanging out with her friends.

“I’m prettier,” says another friend as all the other teens look at her amazed by the comment, “just sayn” she finishes and they all walk away because saying, “just sayn” after a cocky statement makes the statement okay.

“Ok, that baby is annoying, just sayn,” said the woman about a baby crying in a grocery store, because saying, “just sayn” after a rude statement makes the statement okay. “Just sayn” is the new, “no offense but….”

Kardashian: Need we say more? Which one is married to the ex-superstar decathlete and which isn’t? Are they still married or was this the one that ended in 72 hours? Who knows? I think I will pull a Kardashian and prematurely end this.

FML, LOL, LMAO, ROFL, LMS, and etc…: In real life do we really LOL after saying, “yep,” as in: “Did you see that car make a weird right turn?”

“yep… LOL

If we did people would be walking around laughing all day. Does everyone really need to LMS if they think you are cute? Are you really that hungry for Likes?

“Stuck talking to my grandma… FML.” Really, it’s your grandma, your life isn’t that bad!

Text language is so overused and misused! Thx 4 ur time.  

Happy New Year!

Did we miss any?

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