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No Junk, No Problem… Or So I Thought!

My quest to rid myself of junk food started with a colleague of mine telling me that he would be giving up added sugars until January 1st. He had just come off an injury and wanted to jump start his rehabilitation by slashing his diet and getting into shape before Spring. I decided to support him by doing it as well.

The following is a diary of my struggles and successes with this Junk Food Challenge. If anyone thought fit people didn’t have problems with unhealthy habits, they are completely wrong. Anyone who says they don’t is probably not being completely honest.

Day 0 (October 31 11:45 pm) Practice What You Preach: After a long day at work and a night of trick or treating with the girls, Melissa and I decided we should eat the last of our ice cream in the freezer. We started chomping away as I was determined to start this challenge by midnight November 1st. As we began eating, Melissa reminded me of how much I despise New Year’s resolutions as I believe the second one realizes they have an issue that calls for a resolution, they should start right then. “Well there goes my ice cream,” I said, and we both tossed it in the garbage and decided to start the challenge at 11:47 pm on October 31.

Day 1 (November 1) Yeah Right Coach: After morning workout with my team, some of the athletes and I were standing around talking about the workout and joking around as we normally do after practice. One of the athletes started talking about the weight he had gained in the off season and wanted to know what extra workouts he could do in order to drop a couple pounds so that he would be leaner by track season. Of course I told him it had more to do with his diet than it did with doing extra workouts. Somehow my Junk Food Challenge entered the conversation and after telling the athletes that I have given up Sobe drinks, one of my athletes said, “Yeah right coach, I see you with a Sobe every day at lunch.  You won’t last a week.

Day 2 (November 2) Pavlov… Now I get it: Wednesdays are the day when I have a limited lunch period and more office hours. Typically I go straight to the cafeteria and get a Chicken Caesar Salad and a Mango Melon Sobe. When practice was over, I headed to the cafeteria, grabbed my salad and headed for the refrigerators. I was Pavlov’s dog. The Caesar salad didn’t seem right without its sweet counterpart. Lunch wasn’t lunch without faux mango juice in a 2.5 serving bottle. Sitting in my office just isn’t the same either. It’s like the bell rang yet there is no satiation for my salivating.

Day 5 (November 5) Dang You Chad: A friend of mine thought it would be funny to send a picture of his son in a grocery cart filled with Golden Oreos! Dang You Chad, you know that’s my weakness… Where are my grapes?!!!!

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