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EPIC: It has become as annoying a word as GINORMOUS and no one says it in their normal tone of voice. It was reserved for Sci Fi sequels but has recently become anything a teen or mid life crisis-ed adult wants to use it for. “That was an EPIC salad,” said his uncle to all the teens at the Christmas party while wearing his hat to the right with a flat bill. “EeeePpppIiiiiC,” said the teen to his friends regarding a fry that was a quarter of an inch longer than the others.

SWAGGER/SWAG: Thanks to my nerdy friend Jason Furtado, an English teacher, I know that this word was coined by Shakespeare and means “to walk with an air of confidence.” But who else would know that? Seriously when anchors on Fox News and MSNBC start using terms made popular by hip hop, you know it’s time to retire it.

“President Obama has a little swagger in his step today,” said the anchor after Obama’s approval rating went from 40% to 41% according to a new poll they ran an hour after a poll showed his approval rating to be 40%.

“Mitt Romney will have some swag today,” said the anchor after learning that undecided voters in Iowa are leaning toward Romney days before the Caucus.  

Just Saying(Just sayn): “That girl is pretty,” said the nice teen hanging out with her friends.

“I’m prettier,” says another friend as all the other teens look at her amazed by the comment, “just sayn” she finishes and they all walk away because saying, “just sayn” after a cocky statement makes the statement okay.

“Ok, that baby is annoying, just sayn,” said the woman about a baby crying in a grocery store, because saying, “just sayn” after a rude statement makes the statement okay. “Just sayn” is the new, “no offense but….”

Kardashian: Need we say more? Which one is married to the ex-superstar decathlete and which isn’t? Are they still married or was this the one that ended in 72 hours? Who knows? I think I will pull a Kardashian and prematurely end this.

FML, LOL, LMAO, ROFL, LMS, and etc…: In real life do we really LOL after saying, “yep,” as in: “Did you see that car make a weird right turn?”

“yep… LOL

If we did people would be walking around laughing all day. Does everyone really need to LMS if they think you are cute? Are you really that hungry for Likes?

“Stuck talking to my grandma… FML.” Really, it’s your grandma, your life isn’t that bad!

Text language is so overused and misused! Thx 4 ur time.  

Happy New Year!

Did we miss any?

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Trying to Eat Healthy in Disneyland

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Shoe Review: Reebok EasyTone!

I have heard it all; ShapeUps really toned my glutes, Reebok Easytone’s are revolutionizing the fitness industry, and barefoot running will be the reason I run a sub 3 hour marathon.  Well recently I bought the Reebok Easytone’s and I have been wearing them for 2 weeks. Although they do feel as though I am constantly balancing on a stability ball which does engage my muscles, I don’t know if they are going to revolutionize the fitness industry.

Does this mean I don’t think they work? Of course not, however I do think it is important to buy them with realistic expectations. After reading the reviews I have found that unrealistic expectations causes most people to write a bad review. One person wrote, “I walk 45 minutes a day, 4 days a week and haven’t lost a pound. They are going in the garbage.”

That’s too bad as the shoes cost $80-$100 and never claimed they would magically cause one to lose weight. However they will engage your quads, shins, and glutes and can be a great addition to your workout regimen.

In short, if you are looking to lose significant weight or get fit, you will have to clean up your eating as well as exercise. You can’t depend on a shoe to solely do the job for you. On a positive note, the shoes do give me an extra inch of height which makes me 6’0 tall exactly!

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Are You Getting Enough “You” Time During Christmas?

Christmas time is a time when it seems there’s never enough time for “You.” You find time to wrap everyone’s gifts, clean up the mess you made, head back to the store for more bows, pick up a couple more gifts for nephews, and make it home in time to put dinner in the oven. As fun as the Christmas season is, it also seems to be a time when stress levels are at a code Red! Here are a few ideas on how to get a little “You” time during Christmas.

Plan Your Day and Schedule in a Break

We know this sounds difficult but it’s very important. You schedule everything except time for yourself. No one will remember a sloppy wrapped gift or a little late dinner, but they will remember your inevitable blow up if the stress gets to you. Take time for yourself even if it’s just 15 minutes.

Delegate Responsibilities to Your Children

Kids as young as 4 or 5 can help clean up or do laundry. Don’t be afraid to ask them to clean up after you. Tell them Santa is watching. That always seems to work during this time. Ask them to help wrap gifts and put their dishes away. Learning how to delegate can save you time and anxiety.

Visit a Store and Pick Something Out For Yourself

We know it sound selfish but it’s the season of giving and sometimes that means giving “You” a reward for being so awesome. You’ve been everyone’s “go to” person and sometimes you aren’t acknowledged for all you do. Acknowledge yourself by spending a little less on them in order to spend a little bit on you.

Sit at the Mall and People Watch

This is something I love to do. Grab a drink and a bag of popcorn and watch the best reality show ever. You’ll see grandmas racing around like teenagers trying to find the perfect gift. Watch as mall security fight through the crowd to keep order at the arcade. Count how many people walk by texting, facebooking, and tweeting while almost walking into walls and Christmas decorations.

Slow Down and Enjoy the Season

Most importantly you need to slow down and realize, It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. It is not supposed to be a stressful time, rather a time to enjoy your family and friends. Don’t forget that. Enjoy the season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Are You Really Eating in Moderation?

Are you really eating in moderation? You really don’t know if you aren’t keeping an accurate food journal. I have spent countless hours helping people construct healthy eating plans who have told me that they eat everything in moderation.  Once I have them keep track of their food intake, we discover that their moderation isn’t moderate at all. Here are some common mistakes:

A Glass is not a Cup

A serving of juice is measured as 1 cup. In case you don’t know, a glass of juice is not a cup of juice. Chances are it’s about 2 ½ cups of juice. Therefore instead of 1 serving and 100 calories, you had 2.5 servings and 250 calories. An extra 150 calories here and there leads to an extra 2-3 pounds here and there.

I only had 1 or 2

Frequent trips to the cupboard and grabbing one cookie might fool you, but believe me your metabolism isn’t fooled at all. Be honest with yourself about how many trips to the cookie cupboard you actually took. If you aren’t honest with yourself, your weight gain will. When you are writing in your journal, write everything.

1 of everything is Still 1 of EVERYTHING

I have actually heard people say that they are on the 1 of everything diet. They wholeheartedly believe they are indulging less by sampling everything as opposed to eating a bunch of one thing. There are numerous theories behind this and rather than listing them all, I will say, they are wrong. Sampling one of everything usually provides a ton of calories and sugar just as eating a bunch of one treat does.

Your Daughter’s Leftovers Count

Unfortunately the 2 bites of chicken and half a slice of garlic bread you cleaned off your daughters plate (into your mouth) has to be counted as well. You can’t hide from the truth about calories. It has to be written in your food journal as well.

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How To Lose Belly Fat!

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An Introduction To My December Challenge For PRODUCING A More FRUITFUL Life!

Challenge Time.  That’s right! December is going to be fun. Coach Demitrius is currently in his second month of the “Junk Food Challenge” and is doing exceptionally well. Along with over 100 of our fans he has made the commitment to better his diet and inspire others. I too have been inspired and have decided that it’s about time I challenge myself and battle one of my demons. My cholesterol!

Three years ago I saw my physician for a routine checkup.  He went through his normal routine and everything checked out o.k. Before I left they drew some blood to send off to the lab. It seemed routine and I was not worried about it one bit. Then I received a call a couple weeks later. He informed me that my cholesterol levels were “High” for someone my age. I was shocked. How was that possible? I have been an athlete all my life. I just spent nearly 5 years in the Marine Corps. (We exercised a lot!) I still sustain a moderate level of physical activity.  I’m only 26 years old and I maintain a fairly healthy diet.  It didn’t make any sense to me. My Doc suggested that I start attending “Heart Smart” classes. “I’m not doing that,” I told myself. I’ll cut out my rare and random trips to the fast food joints and that should be enough.

Well…… It wasn’t! About a year later I went into the lab for more blood work and guess what? Yep, you guessed it. Blood Cholesterol levels were still high. And to my amazement they actually went up. Let’s fast forward about 2 years to this past July. (5 months ago)

Different Doctor, same results! Except for this time the number was the highest it has been in the last 3 years. “Are you kidding me,” I told myself. I have cut out fast food, cut way back on fried foods, I’ll have an occasional steak, and I work out several days a week. I have also been supplementing with fiber tablets and fish oil (omega-3).  Well it wasn’t enough. The new Doctor informed me that the synthesis of cholesterol in my body was more than likely hereditary. Now the Doc is recommending that I take Lipitor (a cholesterol lowering medication) in order to get my levels in check.  Well, I refused. I don’t want to take some pill for the rest of my life. I’ll just do more to finally take care of this issue. Read more

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No Junk, No Problem… Or So I Thought!

My quest to rid myself of junk food started with a colleague of mine telling me that he would be giving up added sugars until January 1st. He had just come off an injury and wanted to jump start his rehabilitation by slashing his diet and getting into shape before Spring. I decided to support him by doing it as well.

The following is a diary of my struggles and successes with this Junk Food Challenge. If anyone thought fit people didn’t have problems with unhealthy habits, they are completely wrong. Anyone who says they don’t is probably not being completely honest.

Day 0 (October 31 11:45 pm) Practice What You Preach: After a long day at work and a night of trick or treating with the girls, Melissa and I decided we should eat the last of our ice cream in the freezer. We started chomping away as I was determined to start this challenge by midnight November 1st. As we began eating, Melissa reminded me of how much I despise New Year’s resolutions as I believe the second one realizes they have an issue that calls for a resolution, they should start right then. “Well there goes my ice cream,” I said, and we both tossed it in the garbage and decided to start the challenge at 11:47 pm on October 31.

Day 1 (November 1) Yeah Right Coach: After morning workout with my team, some of the athletes and I were standing around talking about the workout and joking around as we normally do after practice. One of the athletes started talking about the weight he had gained in the off season and wanted to know what extra workouts he could do in order to drop a couple pounds so that he would be leaner by track season. Of course I told him it had more to do with his diet than it did with doing extra workouts. Somehow my Junk Food Challenge entered the conversation and after telling the athletes that I have given up Sobe drinks, one of my athletes said, “Yeah right coach, I see you with a Sobe every day at lunch.  You won’t last a week.

Day 2 (November 2) Pavlov… Now I get it: Wednesdays are the day when I have a limited lunch period and more office hours. Typically I go straight to the cafeteria and get a Chicken Caesar Salad and a Mango Melon Sobe. When practice was over, I headed to the cafeteria, grabbed my salad and headed for the refrigerators. I was Pavlov’s dog. The Caesar salad didn’t seem right without its sweet counterpart. Lunch wasn’t lunch without faux mango juice in a 2.5 serving bottle. Sitting in my office just isn’t the same either. It’s like the bell rang yet there is no satiation for my salivating.

Day 5 (November 5) Dang You Chad: A friend of mine thought it would be funny to send a picture of his son in a grocery cart filled with Golden Oreos! Dang You Chad, you know that’s my weakness… Where are my grapes?!!!!

Read more

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