How to Say No to Holiday Food Dealers!

Drug Dealers, Car Dealers, and Great Aunts Are All the Same!

Sometimes saying “NO” to holiday temptations are comparable to saying, “NO” to peers in high school as the food dealers are as relentless as the drug dealers. You’ll hear more pitches than you have at a used car dealership and just as you’ve left them without a high interest rate on a lemon you need to leave the holidays without a high caloric set back on an extra piece of lemon meringue pie.

I know many of you are thinking, “Awe come on it’s the holidays,” but that makes you as bad as a dealer. Healthy diets are often ruined by “seldom” awe come on’s! Take a second and count the times you can give in to “Awe come on’s” and you’ll realize they are more frequent than you want to admit.

Count the following in the past few years: weddings, birthday parties, retirement parties/dinners, employment parties/dinners, office parties, girls nights, boys nights, lunch dates, baby showers, MMA fight parties, football parties, oh and the 5-7 holidays that are associated with parties, family get togethers, and eating.

Don’t kid yourself; the reason you’ve gained the weight is because you consistently and frequently cave to the biggest food dealer out there, yourself! Once you’re able to say, “NO” to your Aunt dealing more of her special holiday pastries, you’ll begin to find ways to say, “NO” to the dealer inside of you. Here are some common pitches by food dealers and respectable ways to turn them down!

Food Dealer: “Awe come on, it’s the holidays don’t tell me you’re on a diet again!”

What you want to say: “Nope, but after watching you eat so much today, maybe you should be.”

What you should say: “No, I’m not on a diet, I just don’t eat that anymore. It’s been so long I don’t even crave it.”

This works because there aren’t many answers to saying you don’t crave something anymore.


Food Dealer: “Everyone has to try my pumpkin pie.”

What you want to say: “blah blah blah that pumpkin pie hasn’t changed in 11 years.”

What you should say: “I know it’s great and last year I couldn’t stop eating it so this year I’m staying away.”

This works because the cook gets a compliment and realizes you are just trying to avoid over indulging again.


Food Dealer: “You are so obsessed with health.”

What you want to say: “You spend more time being unhealthy than I do being healthy; so who’s obsessed?”

What you should say: “Oh not at all, just watching my waistline. This time of year I always seem to put on an extra few pounds.”

This works because most people will sympathize with someone struggling with weight as they may have struggled with it as well.


Food Dealer: “Just try one.”

What you want to say: “I did before and it’s not as good as you think.”

What you should say: You know me, one becomes two which becomes three and before you know it I’m sick from munching all night.”

This works because many people empathize with getting nauseous from eating too much.


Food Dealer: “Oh like you need to watch what you eat.”

What you want to say: “Yeah, I do and obviously so do you.”

What you should say: “You wouldn’t believe how much I actually do. I lost a few pounds and I am trying to keep them off this time.”

This works because no one wants to feel like they put you back on the wrong track.


Food Dealer: “Eat one with me, that way I won’t feel bad.”

What you want to say: “So you want to drag me down with you?”

What you should say: “How about we pass on it together, that way neither of us will feel bad.”

This works because they want you to compromise but your compromise is healthier for both of you.

Often times the food dealer will follow up just like the drug and car dealer does. Sometimes their motive is to make you feel welcome in their home. It isn’t personal, they don’t want to see you fail; chances are they are being hospitable. Stick to the script and don’t give in.

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