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Start Smoking and End Caffeine Withdrawal Symptoms?

Have you kicked caffeine to the curb? Are you irritable? Do you have splitting headaches? Are you thinking, “Ouch Make Them Stop?”   Believe me we’ve heard it all; from “get pregnant” to “start smoking.” Getting pregnant will force you to eat and drink more responsibly and well a Nicotine addiction will get your mind off your Caffeine addiction.  But I’m thinking this is not the advice you were looking for right? Maybe these will be better:

1. YOUR body has been addicted to caffeine for years and now you’ve said, no more, cold turkey. Although this strategy is great, it does come with its downfalls. If you can, slowly wean yourself off by drinking tea and other drinks that include minimal caffeine and minimal calories. Don’t forget that you are weaning yourself off completely. Don’t be satisfied that you are drinking less caffeine if the goal is to have no caffeine!

2. EXERCISE can get you through many withdrawal symptoms. Doctors have prescribed exercise to relieve stress and irritability which are common among people on a caffeine detox. Often times the brain just craves stimulation. Why not quench the cravings with exercise endorphins? Relaxation techniques found in Yoga, Tai Chi, and Meditation are also known to help curb the caffeine crave.

3. START drinking more water. Sometimes your headaches are from dehydration due to the liquid deficit you’ve created by drinking less. Make sure you are having your 8-12 glasses spread throughout the day. This will also help speed up the detoxification process.

4. TAKE a pain killer minus the caffeine. Be sure to check the bottle as many pain relievers contain caffeine.

5. ALLOW time to rest. If you are getting off caffeine you’ll feel tired more often in the first 3 weeks. Having time to recuperate from a long day and take a short nap will help you through some of your weakest moments.

Hopefully these will help you kick caffeine to the curb. Understand that this won’t be easy and will take mental toughness as well. If all else fails, fight through but please Don’t Take Up Smoking!

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