6 Answers to the Question: Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

1. Who’s Counting?
Ok, I shouldn’t answer a question with a question but you get it right? You’re counting your calories and points, but are you really? Those late night trips to the fridge for juice and trips to the cupboard for cookies aren’t always being counted are they? When you’re at the office party and have one cupcake and one bowl of fruit juice; do you count it? What about the time you walked pass the vending machine and came back for the bag of chips; did you count that? If you are truly counting calories, you need to truly count calories. When you are counting calories, your cheat meals and days need to be calculated as well. It is also best to overestimate meals rather than underestimate them.

2. You’re Afraid of Weights!

Muscle means calorie burn. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn as muscle tissues consume calories whether you are sleeping or awake. This also happens at a much more rigorous rate than fat. Don’t be afraid of lifting weights. You will not get huge, you will only build and maintain muscle that will aide in calorie burn.

3. You’re Lying to Yourself!

That morning jog was a morning walk and it wasn’t five miles, it was 2.5. Are you really going to enter 45 minutes of cardio into your Smartphone fitness app? I am sure you know you spent 25 minutes sitting and texting and the other 20 barely peddling. You can lie to yourself and to the app but the scale, measuring tape, and skin fold caliper will expose your lies.

4. Your ancestors!

We are predisposed to our ancestors’ faults however it doesn’t mean you are doomed. Maybe you have to work a bit harder but everyone is capable of being healthy. Do not let a few hurdles get in your way.

5. Your Diet Pills Don’t Work!

The diet pill that says, “Eat what you want, just take this,” is lying to you. There is no magic pill. Even if they did aide in weight loss, without changing your lifestyle, you will gain all the weight back.

6. You’re Not Eating Enough!

Is that possible? Yes, there are two problems with not eating enough: (1) Your body goes into panic mode and starts storing more fat. When your body thinks it won’t get enough energy, it decides to store all the energy it does acquire. (2) You are more likely to crash, burn, and fall back into bad habits. Don’t set yourself up for failure with a long list of foods you can’t eat. Don’t try to quit everything cold turkey. It rarely works. Have a cheat day or a cheat meal here and there.

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  1. Janine says:

    Also, you could be drinking too many fatty/sugary beverages- like the daily mocha most of us order with breakfast! Skip drinks like that for lower calorie ones such as regular coffee. If you drink alcohol, switch to something light, like Voli Vodka (http://bit.ly/slMdw9 ) and drink it plain topped off with 0 calorie seltzer water. also, limit yourself to just 2 drinks per week- this is ideal for weight loss. Good luck everyone!

  2. Melissa says:

    Yes! You are right!!! I am lying to myself!!!! Sometimes!!!! Hahaha but I try very hard!!! Eating habits is a very challenge topic. Those trips for water and kids snack are very hard to skip without try! A bit!
    Fuerza fuerza!!! Is what I need!

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