Losing your motivation? 3 ways to get it back!

Change your scenery

Sometimes jogging the same route each day gets boring. I’ve done it many times. I see the same lady sitting in her garage and the same family walking to school. I’ve also seen the same neighbor in her robe embarrassed that I’ve seen her, yet again, bending over to get the newspaper. But I digress. Change your route. Go right from your home instead of left. Try to pass by a school or park where people are present, just to see something new. You can also go to a local trail where the scenery is nice and other friendly runners are there to greet you as well.

Change your workout

The normal routine; 15 minutes on the treadmill, 15 minutes on the elliptical, and 25 minutes on the machines are really starting to bore you, try something new. Start with a 10 minute bodyweight circuit to warm the muscles, then hop on the treadmill and run at a high intensity for 10 minutes. You will burn more calories doing this than you will with low intensity cardio for 30 minutes. Instead of your normal circuit on the machines, head over to the free weights. Don’t be afraid, the guy grunting near them doesn’t bite. Actually, he’ll be entertaining and might even offer some advice on how to “blast the bi’s!” He’ll say that with a little growl in his voice while showing you his biceps. Try the flat bench instead of the chest press, military press instead of lat pull downs, and close grip bench instead of triceps push downs.


Challenge yourself to something new

Sign up for a fun run, 5k, or mud run. These are fun and challenging and might get you back into the fitness mode. Take a Spin or Zumba class to change it up and challenge some new muscle groups. Go to a local boot camp. Sign up, don’t hide behind a tree and mimic the workouts ala “Bridesmaids.”

 Don’t beat yourself up over a loss of motivation, we all go through it. Revisit your goals and ask yourself, “Why is this important?” I am sure you will be back on the wagon in no time.

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