“I Know I Need To Exercise, But (Insert Excuse Here)”

Quit Making Excuses“I know I need to exercise, but (Insert Excuse Here).”

Ahhhh……The famous spoken words of the Lazy Excuse Makers!

A few months back our very own Coach Snaer wrote an article titled Fat, Lazy, and Full Of Excuses.  In his article he identified various excuses that individuals use to get out of exercising and presented solutions to their “so called” problems.

This article is a continuation of his. Read along as I reiterate and challenge some of the common excuses we hear on a daily basis.

I Have To Watch Young & The Restless

No you don’t! You choose to. You have made TV a priority. It’s not that important. It’s not nearly as important as your health. How is it that you can squeeze in television time during your day, but you cant find time to workout. If for some reason you absolutely can not go a day without watching your favorite soap or reality show, then you need to be creative with your time. Here is an idea…….work out during the commercials! Or better yet….record the darn show. This way you can watch it while fast forwarding through the commercials. That 20 minutes you just saved yourself, use it to workout!

Spending Time With My Kids Is More Important

I agree…..to an extent. If the circumstances only allowed me a short period of time to spend with my kids, I would choose to do so over working out. If it became routine, I would incorporate the two. I would workout WITH my kids. Basketball, tag, dancing, and running are great examples of activities you can do with your children. Knock out two birds with one stone. Spend time with your family and participate in activities that improve both yours and their overall health.

I’m Skinny. I Don’t Need To Workout

Wrong! This is a huge misconception. You may not feel as if you need to log workout hours for cosmetic reasons, but your health is probably suffering. Skinny Does Not Mean Healthy. A research study by the Mayo Clinic discovered that as many as 30 Million Americans who are believed to have a normal BMI, have a dangerously high percentage of body fat. See their article here. So what does this mean. Just because you “appear” to be “healthy” when looking in the mirror, you may be placing yourself at risk of heart disease and other ailments due to your lack of exercise. Use our BMI calculator in the left hand column of our site to calculate your BMI.  Just remember, regardless of where it indexes you, you still need to be exercising!

I Eat Right. That Is Good Enough

Not it’s not! That is only half the equation. Would you follow up a great exercise session with a super-sized meal from McDonalds? Some people would. But the answer is probably no. A two pronged attack is much more beneficial for your overall health. Are you working to obtain your ideal body? If so, then just doing one or the other (exercise/diet) is not enough. By being proficient at both, you will be well on your way to a new you.

It Is Too Hot/Cold Outside

Wow! Sounds like something a 4th grader would say to get out of P.E. class. Too hot outside? Work out during the cooler parts of the day. Wake up early or wait till the evening. Or, throw on a video and exercise in your air conditioned living room. Too cold outside? Dress in layers! (long sleeve, sweater, beanie, gloves, etc.) As your body temp rises from working out you can remove some of the layers. Or, throw on a video and exercise in your warm living room.

Hopefully by now you have realized that we don’t like “excuse makers” here at HealthyFitFamilies. We want you to be the Healthiest you that you can possibly be. We want you to be the role model for your family. We know that your journey to a New You can be rough, but we know that it is possible. You just have to kill your excuses.

Do you have an excuse that you would like us to challenge? Do you continuously hear others make excuses and have challenged them yourself? We would like to hear your comments.  Use the comment box below and lets eradicate as many excuses as we can!

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