Simple Solutions to Your Weight Loss Rut!

When our FaceBook readers were asked to sound off regarding their weight loss rut, their responses were awe-inspiring. We decided they needed simple solutions to help them get out of their rut. If your personal reason isn’t addressed here, please comment and let us know how we can help you through as well.

I Never See Results

First and foremost, be patient. Do you remember how many months went into gaining the weight? It might take just as long to take it off. Just think however; after 3 months of hard work, dedication, and commitment to your goals, you can start seeing the changes you want to see. Hard work means giving your all in work outs. Sometimes it’s going to hurt, burn, and honestly be boring, but it will be beneficial. Dedication means giving up some of the things you really like so that you can have the body and mind that you really need. Commitment means having consistency even when outside temptations are… well, tempting. You have to let others around you know what your goals are and tell them to either respect them, join in, or get out of your way.

The scale is not the only measure of results. Sometimes it lies or doesn’t change. Did you run a little farther today? Did you walk a little faster? Did you hold that plank a little longer? Did you do more sit ups, pushups, or burpees today? So many other success measurements exist, don’t get stuck hoping the scale will change. Also, set short term goals that can be measured daily, such as; I will walk for 10 minutes today. I will eat 4 servings of vegetables today. I will replace my lunch time soda with a glass of water. At the end of the day, assess your progress.

It’s Too Hot

Sometimes you have to get over it and get the workout in. Make sure you have been hydrating all day and listen to your body. If you feel overheated or dehydrated stop. Sometimes training in adverse conditions makes you appreciate the workout more. If the heat is completely unbearable, do your workout indoors. Don’t have a membership to a gym? Work out at home. There are many bodyweight exercises that you can do at home that will get you in as good shape as any gym equipment will. Another solution would be to work out earlier in the morning or later in the evening when it isn’t as hot. Don’t let time be an excuse. Get it in.

Don’t Have Time to Take Healthy Food to Work

Pack your lunch the night before work. Make a sandwich, grab a fruit, a bag full of nuts and bottled water and you have a healthy lunch. You can also keep bagels, fruit, vegetables, trail mix, beef jerky, and string cheese on hand at work. Even healthier t.v. dinners and canned tuna or chicken are better than your average vending machine snack.

 I’m so Overweight, It’s Hopeless

It’s about being healthy and that’s never hopeless. Every step forward is a step toward a healthier you. Too many people have gone from morbidly obese and sedentary to healthy and running marathons. Giving up would be a slap in the face of all those who set the path before you. Think about your job, your relationship, your children; did you give up on those when they seemed hopeless? Why are you giving up on health, vitality, and happiness? Give it time and I assure you, you will be happier!

I’m Injured

Injuries are often emotionally draining. You’ve done everything to prepare for the big race or challenge and then you are sidelined by an injury. Well I am here to tell you that injuries are hurdles that you need to plan for as they happen to everyone. Try doing work outs that don’t bother your injury. Sometimes swimming, biking, elliptical work outs, and yoga can get you through the injury period. I once had a college athlete with multiple hamstring injuries qualify for the state finals in track and field after only doing pool work outs 3 weeks leading up to it. Don’t let injuries defeat you.

I Don’t Have the Energy to do it

Every work out doesn’t have to be your best ever. When you are in a slump, don’t stress, choose shorter less intense work outs until the slump gives a little. If a slump lasts more than a week, it might be time to revisit your goals and refocus. Ask yourself, “why is this important to me”? Tell yourself it’s imperative that you get out of your slump. Repeat after me: “I am physically capable. I am mentally Strong. I will Defeat this.” Then get out there and defeat it.

Remember, at some point even the best athletes go through a rut. The key is getting through it and out of it in a timely matter. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t give up. Keep moving forward.

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