Get Motivated With These 5 Easy Tips!

We know it’s difficult, but believe us it isn’t impossible. You’ve had a long day at work, it’s time to help the kids with homework, dinner is due soon, and the children want to play with their friends. Well here are a few ways to get back into a fitness routine.

Find a Family like Yours

Many families are looking for ways to get more fit and healthy. Find a family who wants to get fit together. You guys can head to a park and play games that are engaging and raise your heart rate. You can play an organized sport like football, soccer, or basketball or do some unconventional activities such as relay races, obstacle courses and fitness circuits. If there is a bike path nearby, go for a family ride. This only needs to take about 30-45 minutes but provides time for the kids to interact with their friends and get exercise. Don’t forget to bring the water and sports drinks along for hydration.

Sign Up for a Race

Don’t just sign up, pay the fee. If you do, you’ll have a goal and incentive to get in shape. Sometimes having something to shoot for keeps you motivated. Don’t be afraid to get to the race not completely ready. There are no penalties for walking a little, a lot, or the entire race. You will feel accomplished when you are done.

Get a Workout Buddy

Find someone who won’t talk your ear off or detract you from your workout. Workout buddies should be similar to you. So if you want to have your ear talked off, by all means find that person. Your workout buddy should have a similar schedule so that workouts don’t have to be skipped due to time conflicts. Also, get someone who is at your ability level so you aren’t slowing them down or vice versa. Take walks, jogs, and rides together. Go to the gym or take a class together as well.

Write your Goals

Write your goals and keep them SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely). An example of a SMART goal would be: I will run a 5k race in 5 weeks. Specific: 5k in 5 weeks. Measurable: In 5 weeks you will either run a 5k or not. Attainable: If you start now in 5 weeks you can run a 5k. Realistic: It can be done. Timely: 5 weeks is a short amount of time. If you have goals written, you will have tangible evidence of them.

Get a Cute Trainer

Ok, they don’t have to be cute but you should like them. You need someone who has your personality but will also push you when you need it. It is important to get a trainer who understands your goals and wants to see you accomplish them. Trainers who aren’t concerned about your goals tend to skip workouts or ignore you to talk to other clients or friends in the gym.

Try these and other ways to get motivated and back on track to accomplishing your fitness goals.

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