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When and What Should I Eat Before Workouts?

If you are working out in the morning, noon or at night, you should always eat something. Some people think working out in the morning before you eat burns more fat, however that is not true. When you awake, your body has been on a long fast and has been burning energy all night. What your body needs are carbohydrates (energy) to help reduce the amount of glycogen you use during exercise and allow you to train longer. Also, lack of proper nutrition prior to working out puts your immune system in jeopardy.

What—Your pre workout meal should be comprised of about 250 calories. It doesn’t need to be very large but it needs to be enough to get you through your allotted workout. It should contain about 50 grams of carbohydrates and about 5-10 grams of protein.

When— A meal that is comprised of about 250 calories should be eaten between 1-2 hours prior to your workout. This will allow the food (energy) to burn throughout your workout.  However, pre workout meals that are less than 150 calories can be eaten within 45 minutes of your workout. Here is a list of foods to try prior to workouts:

Chocolate milk







Fruit and vegetable juices

Peanut butter sandwich

Turkey sandwich

Hard boiled eggs

 It is important to note that a consistent balanced diet is the absolute best way to approach daily workout nutrition. Your overall fitness will never hinge on one meal or workout. If you are eating properly, you will always have an efficient amount of fuel to burn.

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