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It’s Not The Program, It’s Your Dedication To It!

Walk into any nail Salon, Barbershop, or Laundromat and ask a random person for diet and exercise tips. Chances are they will say, “My cousin lost weight on this diet” or “My sister does this exercise program.” Everyone has advice and chances are, their advice might help you.

Walk into the nearest library and grab the oldest exercise book and the newest exercise book and you will find that not much has changed. So why do they keep making new gadgets and why are people still buying them? Here’s why: The fitness industry learned years ago that if they find a new way to say the same ole stuff, people will come running. They’ve also found that if they find a way to tell you that you will get the same results in less time, you’d definitely spend the money to try it. People buy the stuff because they are always looking for a quicker way to get amazing results, even though it still takes 30-60 minutes of exercise and a well balanced diet to lose and maintain weight.

It’s Not The Program, It’s Your Dedication To The Program! Face it, you’re just not dedicated!

I love kettlebells but I recently heard a fitness expert say that most of the Hollywood bodies are all thanks to kettlebells. Huuuhhh? I am sure kettlebells helped but come on; the same moves you are doing with kettlebells have been being done with dumbbells for years. Hollywood bodies are thanks to kettlebells, high intensity training, a balanced diet, and most importantly, DEDICATION to the program.

I’ve completed Insanity and it definitely works. However, when I see people who’ve tried several different training ideas, spending 100s on new high intensity workout programs, I often wonder what makes them think, this one will work.  Richard Simmons and Billy Blanks did aerobic and body weight moves with limited recovery years ago.

Weight Watchers is a great way to lose weight. It works for millions of people but point counting is not much different from calorie counting and that has worked for decades too.

If Kettlebells, Insanity, or Weight Watchers helped you shed weight, it’s not because they came up with some full proof new plan, it’s because you finally decided to DEDICATE yourself to a program. Sure the program may have played a part in motivating you but you had to make the decision to do it. If you don’t believe me, look at the coat rack, uhhh treadmill, in the corner of your room. Wasn’t that supposed to motivate you too?

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