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Fit For You – Fun For Them

Do you ever find yourself sitting in front of the computer or television, neglecting your kids for hours on end?

After a long day of work do you come home and just plop your butt on the couch?

It can be quite easy to allow a full day to pass you by. Then at night when you are tucking your kids into bed you realize that you didn’t spend the amount of time with them that you should have.

Well……..I have the answer. Kill two birds with one stone. There is no need to find a babysitter. Don’t worry about whether or not the gym’s day care is open. Work out with your kids. Or…….use your kids for the work out. With a little creativity you can engage in activities that are Fit For You and Fun For Them.

Here are a few examples:

(Shoulder Ride) Lunges

 (Yeeeeaaaa!!) Chest Presses

(Piggy Back) Squats

 (Give Me A Kiss) Curls

Check out this video we shot at a local park:


Working out with your children is a great way to stay in shape and spend quality time with them. Use the weight of your child as resistance to increase the intensity of your training. The occasional laugh or giggle will certainly help keep your mind off of the pain. You will also be amazed at how your children take on the role of the personal trainer.

One more time Mommy,” and “again Daddy,” are common commands!

Working out with your children or “with” your children is a win/win situation for everyone. Get off the couch, head to the park, enjoy the time with your kids, and get your butt in shape.

Do you have a great work out that you do with your kids? Please share your creative ideas with everyone. Feel free to comment belwow.

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