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A Daughter’s First Date!

She’s been waiting for this day for quite some time. She was wearing her new blue dress and shoes, and wore her hair half up, so that her new peace sign earrings peeked out a little. Not even the weekend’s worth of homework, she was assigned earlier could ruin what was sure to be the perfect first date.

As they began to depart her home, her little sister looked up at them with sadness wondering why she couldn’t go. Unfortunately for her, it wasn’t her turn. Her mom, impressed by his manners, politeness, and the rose he brought her, hugged them both on their way out.

“Have a great time!” She yelled as they walked hand in hand toward his car.

He quickly approached the passenger door, opened it, and allowed her to get strapped in before gently shutting the door. When he hopped in he asked, “Are you comfortable?” She replied modestly with an affirmative nod and a smile, and they were on their way. The drive was serene; the music was in the back ground as their conversation took center stage. To him it was a silly conversation but to her, very profound.

“Jessica got a new hamster today. She’s so lucky, they have so many pets. I don’t know why we don’t have more pets.”

“I bet that’s a lot of work,” he replied.

She continues, “Bailey’s new dog poops everywhere, but he’s so cute. I wish we could get a puppy.”

“I bet that’s a lot of work,” he continued.

After parking at the restaurant, he opened her door, “watch your step,” he uttered.

“Thanks,” she said, as she gazed with guiltless eyes.  

They walked to the door; he opened it and allowed her to enter before him. At her request they were seated in a corner booth near a window. She liked the cushion seats, and the view of kids frolicking around. “That kid has ice cream, I hope we are getting ice cream later.”

“BUZZ… BUZZ… BUZZ” his phone hummed. He looked at the message. “How is it”? The text said. He picked up the phone and began to respond.

Daddy, no texting on dates,” she said with a stern voice, and slight wag of her index finger. She was conscious of the rules long before this first date.

“You’re absolutely right,” he said as he turned the phone off and put it away. “You should have your date’s undivided attention. And besides, mom shouldn’t be disrupting our date.”

“So are we getting ice cream? What about a dog? Bailey says they aren’t that much work. Jessica has 3 dogs, 2 hamsters, a bird, a cat, and an iguana. If they can have all that, we can handle one dog and one cat.”

“Let’s just eat and we’ll think about that later,” he retorted.

When they returned home, his younger daughter met them at the door. “My turn soon right daddy?”

“Of course it’ll be your turn soon.” He replied.

That night as he tucked his older daughter in bed he gave her a very long hug and thought about what the night meant to him. He realized it might be years before she understood the importance of that first date. He hoped that she would demand the same respect and attention from the teenager who would have the opportunity to take her on her next first date. He planned an infinite amount of dates with her before her next first date. He thought back about her first steps, the first night she slept in her own bed, the day they took off her training wheels, her first day of kindergarten, the first time she…

“Daddy you’re squeezing too hard.” She brought him back to reality. He kissed her on the head and said, “good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs… “Bite!” She finished as she always did.

Dads should date their daughters before anyone else gets to. Show them what respect should resemble and how it reciprocates. Dads can only understand what it means to entrust another person with their daughter’s innocence. You play a very important role in how they will demand respect and adoration as they grow older. Don’t take the early years for granted as they can’t be repeated. If you don’t show your daughter how a first date should go, someone else will.

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