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I don’t want to work out. I need to win the weight loss lottery!

Weight Loss LotteryWhat if there was such a thing as a Weight Loss Lottery? Enter your name into a magic raffle and wait for the results. If you are the lucky Joe or Jane to be drawn, you will get to walk through a magical chamber and come out the other side with your dream body. Wouldn’t that be nice? I wish it were that easy. Unfortunately, reaching your goals will require hard work. Good thing is you actually have the opportunity to obtain your goals when it comes to your body.

Think about it. As nice as it would be, would you want to bet your body on a random gamble? You can’t control the luck of the draw. Why take the gamble when you can already control the results. The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines Gamble as: “to bet on an uncertain outcome.” Would you sit around and purchase a ticket week after week if such a prize existed? The answer is probably yes. I know I would give up my coffee money a day or two a week in order to take the gamble. On the other hand though, I could not sit around and wait for my lucky day. I would not bet my body on an uncertain outcome.

I know that hard work will get me to my goals faster than any magic ticket could. The great thing about it too is that there is hope for all of us. Everyone can’t win a million dollars in the lottery. Your chances are slim to none. What we can all do is work hard and Train Our Butts Off! Hard work will get you further than any Weight Loss Lottery ever could.

You can start by taking a jog to your local convenient store tonight. Burn some extra calories and purchase an actual lotto ticket. If you win, send me half the money and thank me for changing your life financially. If you don’t win, continue to stay active and realize you have the power to change your body, but more importantly, your overall health!

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