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Throw Out the Scale…

…Well at least for a moment. If you just started dieting and exercising, the scale won’t have any good news for you. I have had countless people ask, “Why am I not losing weight, it’s been a week and I’ve been working hard?”

Weight is arbitrary, measurements and the “look” tests are more logical.

Instead of always checking the scale, measure your waist, thighs, and arms. As you workout more and more, you will find that your weight will fluctuate. Your measurements, in contrast, improve as long as you stay focused on your fitness.

Take a look in the mirror. Take pictures of yourself every two or three weeks. This will give you a better gauge of your progress.

Believe me, constantly stepping on the scale only provides a couple different results; a false sense of weight loss, or a small gain that’ll cause you to want to give up. Be patient about the weight and just keep trudging along and working hard.

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