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“Sooo… Mommy Will Live Longer Than You”?

One day I was sitting at my desk working on a PowerPoint presentation for an upcoming class. While adding information regarding The Aging Process, my daughter came over and sat on my lap. She glimpsed at the computer screen and noticed the title Life Expectancies for Men and Women.

 “Men live to be 75 and women 79,”? She asked.

 “Yes,” I replied.

 “Sooo… Mommy will live longer than you,”? She asked, seeming concerned.

 “Yes,” I replied.

 “AWESOME!” She yelled, and then jumped off my lap to run and tell her younger sister the great news. “Taylor, Taylor, guess what?”

 ….A mother’s love is instinctual, unconditional, and forever.

Recently I came home to find my 10-year-old daughter in the backyard shooting hoops. She enjoys hoops but if given the choice, she would much rather play the Harry Potter game on her DSI. When I went out to shoot around with her, I asked what made her decide to go out and play basketball.

“Well mommy said I had been playing on my DSI long enough and I needed to do something active. It was basketball or jogging with you,” she explained. “I chose basketball.”

 I’m so proud of her.

Lately I have also noticed my wife placing more and more fruits and vegetables out in the open at home. I love how cognizant she is of our daughters’ health and well being.

….A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of a cheesecake for five people, promptly announces she never did care for cheesecake.

Who among us can remember their mother ever finishing a drink, dinner, or dessert? I can remember countless times my mom giving me or my brother the last drink of orange juice, spoon full of gumbo, or piece of cheesecake. She also gave me a stern look when I got out of line.

Moms wear so many hats and we as dads often take for granted the many responsibilities they assume. I realize there are so many of you out there, and thought it would be a nice time to salute you and say, “You are truly the foundation of the family. You hold it together through stormy weather and over the years you never wear down.”

 ….The most important thing a father can do for his children is respect their mother. 

On this day dads, remember all the sacrifices moms have made and the ones they will continue to make in order to keep the family smiling.

To our moms and mother-in-laws: You have done a great job with your daughters, teaching them to be the great mothers they are today. I am sure I speak for all your son-in-laws when I say that even though we get busy and don’t always get the opportunity to acknowledge you, we see you every day through our wives eyes. They are beacons of all that you have accomplished.

 To all the mothers out there: You truly deserve to be celebrated 365 days a year!


Demitrius Snaer and Dale Hancock

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