Motivation Is Key To A Healthy & Fit Family

Motivation Is Key!I get asked all the time, “Was Marine Corps training tough?” To which I respond, “Of course it was, it’s The Corps!” Looking back, there was one key factor that got me through the endless 5:30am workouts, Motivation! I can remember heading to early morning formations while at the same time wishing I was still curled up in my warm bunk. Even though I thought I was a fitness stud, the idea of running many miles and taking part in high intensity interval training was not at the top of my list. As Marines had begun to gather around in preparation for the butt whipping, you could see transformations take place right before your very eyes.

While standing there, I would observe young motivated Devil Dogs to my left and Hard Charging Salty Warriors to my right. Immediately, as if I were knocked over the head with a Moto stick, I would begin to bark and chant Ooooh Rah! Was this false motivation? Who cares! False motivation is better than no motivation at all. If these motivators were ready to attack the road run, then by golly, so was I.

And this leads me to my point……


If not you, then who? Does their favorite video game get them pumped to go outside. No it doesn’t PRIVATE No Brains! Do after school sitcoms encourage them to break a sweat. No they don’t SERGEANT Dum Dum!

As their role model, you have the power to influence their young minds.

“If it is fun for mommy and daddy, then surely it can be fun for me.”

Allow me to show you two examples.

1. (Use a pathetic and weak voice) “Hey kids, I’m trying to catch up on my soaps, you can go play outside if you want but you don’t have to.”

2. (Use an energetic motivating voice) “Hey Junior, go grab your shoes and the ball! Can you believe Mommy and Sissy think they can take us in a game of basketball? Tonight the whole world will know who the CHAMPIONS of the Johnson house are. The girls are going DOWN!”

Example one will have your kids running for their Xbox. If mom and dad are out of sight and out of touch, then the default entertainer becomes the game console and the television.

In example two, I have shown that with a little MOTIVATION, you should have your children jumping at the opportunity to connect with you. False motivation is better than no motivation at all.

Make it fun and make it physical. Be the Motivator. Motivation is Key to a Healthy and Fit Family!

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  1. I am still in loving this give up soda and candy. Next week give up cigarettes. This is going to be interested.

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