I Hate Veggies Too!

Recently an old friend called me on the carpet. He’s someone I’ve known since childhood who knows how much I hate veggies. Being that I’m blogging about diet and fitness, he thought he’d ask me to write an article about my epiphany to finally start eating vegetables. Knowing that I hadn’t had that epiphany, he was consequently calling me on the carpet to practice what I preach.

When I was a kid my mom would always say, “You’ll grow to love vegetables.” Sorry, mom, it never happened. As healthy as I am, I seldom eat vegetables. Thanks to a childhood friend, Bobby Wilson, I’m making a pledge.

I pledge to add tomatoes to my sandwiches, broccoli to my pastas, and a few more veggies here and there (hopefully no one realized the blatant lack of commitment in the previous statement). But it’s a start… right?

The benefits of having vegetables with every meal are unrivaled. Meats, whole grains, and dairy, all have their benefits but excluding vegetables puts one at risk of many illnesses such as:

Cancer– Studies show that 35-50% of cancer cases are related to diet. Most of us feel so young and resilient that we don’t consider what we are doing to our bodies in the long term. Doesn’t knowing you can reduce your risk of Cancer by adding veggies to your diet make you want to eat a little broccoli right now?

Cardio Vascular Diseases– People who eat or snack on vegetables are less likely to develop Cardio Vascular Diseases due to the fact they are less likely to eat or snack on fattening foods. 

Stroke– For the same reasons Cardio Vascular Disease probabilities are decreased with increased vegetable intake, so are Stroke probabilities. Since one’s arteries are less likely to have plaque buildup, blood will flow freely to the brain.

Although I Hate Veggies Too, I pledge to eat more of them, do you?

Check out The Veggie Pledge on our Freebies page.

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  1. Sebrina says:

    I posted on your facebook page this morning and have been reading through your site. Great info! Let me help you eat more veggies :) I have children who don’t really like veggies so I started making them green smoothies. And then I started drinking them myself because who get enough greens? Spinach is one of the best to use because it’s such a mild flavour. And you can start by just adding in a tiny bit, then over time adding in more. I can easily get 2-3 cups of spinach in a smoothie and my kids happily drink them. If the green colour turns you off try adding in blueberries and they will be purple :) My tips for the best smoothies is to use frozen fruit and ice. My green smoothie recipe give you 6 servings of fruit and veggies! Here’s my standard recipe but you can use less greens to start.
    2-3 cups spinach
    1 frozen banana
    1 cup frozen berries
    1/2 cup plain yogurt of kefir
    milk or water to make it blend. You can also add in supplements like flax seeds, chia seeds, whey powder.. ect.

    Here is a blog post I did on green smoothies with the nutritional breakdown. http://sebrinawilsonphotographyblog.com/wordpress/?p=1466 The one posted provides 17 grams of protein (and that is with no protein powder) 15.6 grams of fibre (which is more than half of your daily requirement), 122% of your vitamin A, 152% of your vitamin C, 41% of you daily calcium, 30% of your daily iron, 43% of your daily magnesium. As you can see these drink are nutritional power houses!

    • Coach Dale says:

      For someone who does not like to eat whole veggies this is probably a great smoothie recipe. Thanks for sharing!

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