Hey You, Stupid, That’s Not Healthy!

Maybe that’s harsh, but we’ve all been a little “stupid” when it comes to eating healthy. Maybe you aren’t anymore, but like me, and Dale, two very educated fitness experts, you probably emerged from the dark corners of stupidity.

Let’s start with some very harsh truths. Fat free, sugar free, no sugar added, and low fat, are full of deception. Fat free and Low Fat actually means it meets the FDA’s standards for low or non feet, but check the serving sizes as the info is deceiving. Sugar Free and No Sugar Added, actually means it probably gets its sweet taste from artificial sweeteners. When artificial sweeteners are added, the food is likely to be high in calories. You’ll get the calories, like it or not. The reason they are listed boldly on the foods we eat are because, it’s acting as a cloak over all the other crap it contains. Don’t be duped by catchy slogans and eye popping colors. They are deceptive.

Here are some common foods we consume each day that are masquerading as healthy.

Trail Mix: Nowadays they are even called Energy packs. M&Ms aren’t healthy alone; therefore they aren’t healthy in trail mix. The sugar in them is artificial energy and also high glycemic. The nuts are full of excess refined salts that aren’t healthy either. Alternative: Make your own trail mix with nuts closer to their natural form and leave out the M&Ms.

Diet Soda: Why does it taste so sweet? You guessed it, artificial sweeteners. Also, people who consume diet sodas are more likely to eat access calories as the soda lacks essential nutrients and make the body starve for them. Most of you even drink diet soda to give yourself an excuse to stray from a healthy diet in other areas. Don’t be stupid; bad calories are bad calories…Period.                                                                                Alternative:  Milk, energy water, natural juices, and water.

Fruit Juice: If you didn’t squeeze those apples, oranges, and bananas in that bottle, it’s probably not 100% fruit juice. You should limit this as much as possible, especially to children, as excessive use has led to obesity, tooth decay, and a false belief that they are getting their recommended servings of fruit.                                                         Alternative: 100% natural fruit juice, freshly squeezed juice, or fresh fruit.

Protein bars: Most of them are actually candy bars with added protein. Take a look at the amount of calories in those things. People eat these as a substitute for bad meals. Think again and pay attention to the nutritional label.                                          Alternative: lean beef jerky, homemade trail mix, and lower calorie protein bars.

 Fruit snacks: “Ok, no more of those.”

“But it’s ‘fruit’ snacks!” She replies.

“There’s no fruit in there,” I return.                                                                         That’s a conversation I had with my daughter when she was 8, you should know better. If you think there’s fruit in those, I have some fruit lard to sell you for weight loss also. Fruit snacks are full of sugar and worthless calories.                                            Alternative: Fresh fruit, homemade trail mix, and vegetables.            

Honarable mentions: Sandwiches with all the fixings, sushi rolls(little sushi, lots of extras), fruit cocktails (added sugars for taste, and processed for shelf life).

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