Are You A Cheater? You Should Be!

Everyone needs a cheat day. However, don’t allow the cheat day to become a cheat weekend, week, or month. Remember every meal is an opportunity to have a healthy meal. Too often do we get discouraged over an unhealthy meal that we spiral into an unhealthy day, week, or even a lifetime.

Cheat days are for people who have been dieting for a while. If you started your diet yesterday, eating bad today wouldn’t be considered a cheat day; it would be considered a return to your old self. Dedicate yourself to a month of hardcore diet and exercise before you implement a cheat day.

Practice positive self-talk. It’s ok to have a slice of cake at lunch as long as you promise to have a healthy dinner. It’s ok to have fun on occasion but make it special. Tell yourself that you can do it. Don’t allow outside influences to discourage you from your diet. When someone says, “C’mon it’s only one more slice.” You should be reminding yourself why you started the diet in the first place.

Cheat days are for food, Not Exercises! Just because you ate the cake doesn’t mean you should skip the afternoon workout. Stick to your workout routine. Find time in your day to get the workout in.

Schedule cheat days. Cheat days shouldn’t be spur of the moment occasions. If they are, the occasions will become more and more frequent. Look at your calendar and anticipate birthday parties, weddings, and holiday gatherings. Don’t be afraid to skip some of the goodies at those occasions also. Refer to our article regarding losing belly fat to learn how difficult it is to get fit.

Learn to say NO! Don’t be ashamed of your diet. If you are, you are essentially delaying the inevitable, which is quitting. Say “NO” to friends and family who are always trying to get you to extend your cheat days. Say “NO” to your kids who want to have another ice cream night. They need to learn the importance of restraint as well.

Following these easy steps will put you on your way to accomplishing your fitness goals. Ignoring these steps will leave you where you started.

Happy Cheating!

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