5 “Lazy Busting” Tactics You Should Implement Today

Do Yard Work With Your Family

1. Park Further Away

Why do you spend upwards of 5 minutes circling the closest rows near the entrance praying for a parking spot to open up? You are wasting time and gas! Do yourself a favor and grab one of the open exterior spots.  You will get to your shopping faster and you can use the extra exercise.

2.  Make Your Own Coffee

Get yourself a cheap coffee pot and a travel mug. Not only will you save money, but your caloric intake will go down.  Look for non-fat creamers and use the sugar sparingly (if used at all). Your average coffee shop charges around $4 dollars for your favorite beverage.  My morning coffee cost me about 30 cents a day and contains ¼ the calories of your ritzy concoction.

3.  Cook More Meals At Home

Find time to prepare and cook a few more meals each week than you currently do.  Take advantage of sales and make healthy choices.  You can be creative with your recipes.  Search recipe sites and have fun preparing meals with your family.  This practice will decrease the possibility of a fast food run.  Home cooked meals will almost always contain fewer calories and provide better nutrition.

4.  Get Out Of The House

Be honest with yourself.  How many hours do you spend sitting around the house each week? Countless hours are probably spent sitting in front of the television and surfing the internet.  Start setting aside at least 30 minutes a day to leave the confines of your dungeon. Taking the dog for a walk or going on a bike ride with your children are great examples of breaking away.  Find several activities that you and your family enjoy and make them part of your routine.

5. Do Your Own Yard Work

Are you currently paying for a gardening service? Why? You most likely could afford to burn a few extra calories each week (we all could). This is a great opportunity to bond with your kids and teach them the importance of chores.  Show them that it can be fun.  Why do they have to clean the whole house while you watch T.V. and pay someone to do your work?  Lead by example! Tackle the yard each week as a family. Save yourself some money and use it as another occasion to break a sweat, shed some pounds, and bond with those that you love.

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