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You’re A Woman. Know Your Role!

Don't be his mannequin!“Women are here to serve men. They need to wait hand and foot on their better halves. Women exercise because they don’t want to get traded in for their better looking best friend. Women have a specific role and they need to realize that.”

These were the comments I overheard while eaves dropping on two meatheads at the gym. Two DUMB meatheads I should add. It was obvious that neither had an education nor really understood a woman’s worth.

Now I know what you are thinking. Those guys are idiots and no girl in their right mind would date either one of them. That’s what I was thinking too. But to my amazement, two young women approached them while they were working out. I heard one of the young ladies ask one of the guys “are you ready to go?” What came out of his mouth is going to blow your mind and is ultimately what led me to write this article.

His response: “I’ll come get you when I’m ready. Keep working out. Have you even lost any weight yet.”

The sad part about it was that she was in no way overweight. Even sadder though, she responded back by saying “I was on the elliptical for 30 minutes, but I guess I can do more.”

I could not believe this attractive young woman allowed this guy to treat her like that. He had her conditioned to believe that she wasn’t good enough. I don’t know for certain, but he probably also had her believing he was some type of Greek God. (Sorry dude, the receding hair line, the weight you should be losing, and the orange glow from your spray tan says otherwise)

Why do some women allow men to place them in an inferior role? Why do some women feel the need to put their needs and wishes second to their partners? When did looking good for some idiot take precedence over feeling loved and respected?

I would like to tell all you ladies – Know Your Role!

Your role just so happens to be standing tall and proud NEXT to your partner. You should never feel as if you need to walk a step behind. Is he trying to take too much of the spotlight? Pull his butt back. Also, you should never have to feel ashamed because of some snide comment he makes. Do not stand for that.

Do you need to lose weight? Do you want to lose weight? You make that decision. Ask for his support, not his criticism.

And men, if you have something to say, make sure you are saying it for the right reason. I never get on my wife for eating fast food because I’m worried about how she’ll look in a bikini. I get on her because I do not want to be raising grandchildren solo someday because I lost her to heart disease.

So women, it is about time you realize how precious you are. It is about time you realize your role. In my opinion you are God’s greatest creation followed by man. Your man does not own you. Your weight loss journey, your life journey, will be much more rewarding if you embark on it standing tall and proud next to your partner. Take your rightful place next to him as a Queen. Remove your shackles and let him know you are no longer his servant. Remove yourself from his shadow. Do it for yourself, do it for your family. Know your role!


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