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Can’t Lose Those Last 10 Pounds? Here’s Why!

Believe me, the last 10 pounds are the hardest to lose. At this point you have probably thrown all the tricks at your body and it is ready for anything. The last 10 pounds will take discipline, a strict diet, and very high intensity training. You will need to count every calorie in and calorie out. Some days you might even feel a little depleted but no one has ever gotten to their ultimate goal weight and composition without sacrifice. Truth be told; this may be one of the hardest journeys you have ever embarked on.

First, be honest about your weight goals. Are you being unrealistic? Are your goals set to a point you can’t attain or maintain once you get there? Have you done the look test? Often times we are set on an arbitrary number when the proof is in the mirror. If your body composition is there; who cares about the weight? Once you have made the assessments and feel you still need to dispose of the last 5-10 pounds, here is what it takes. Read more

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