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Beat Your Children. It Will Change Their Lives.

Beating them will help them!Yes. You read that right. I believe you should beat your children. Why? Because it’s good for them. They need a strong authoritative figure in their life. Children are very easily influenced. You shouldn’t be a “hands off” parent who simply “voices” their concerns and demands. You need to physically show your children “the way” and BEAT them in the process.

Allow me to share with you some ideas:

-Your child walks through the door after a long day at school. Instinctively, they head to the kitchen to grab a soda and some chips. This is where you come in . BEAT them to the kitchen. Grab a healthy snack for yourself and prepare one for them as well. Beat them to the punch. Lead by example.

-Saturday mornings your children usually sit around in their pajamas watching cartoons. Not any more! BEAT them to the couch. Have their play clothes and tennis shoes laid out and ready to go. Let them know you have planned a special “breakfast in the park.” Pack a healthy meal and picnic blanket and head to your local park. Take pleasure in each other’s company. After a great meal, get physical and enjoy the park. Show them that there are alternatives to being couch potatoes.

-You always allow your children to win because you don’t want to damage their self esteem. I get it. I used to cry when my mom beat me in a foot race. She didn’t realize it at the time, but what she ultimately did was teach me to work harder. Everyone cant be the winner. Teach this to your children. Have them embrace the process of working hard. Praise them for their effort. If you praise a half-hearted attempt in which they “win,” they will never know the importance of effort. Occasionally BEAT your children during competitions. Praise their efforts and encourage them to work harder in order to beat you next time.

There are many other examples of when you should BEAT your children. None of which include giving them a black eye. Look for opportunities to be first and beat them to the punch. Set the example and show them the way.

Do you have an idea for “BEATING” your children. Use the comment box below and share your thoughts.

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