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Is 30 the New 20?

True Story— Recently the distance runners on our team were running repeat sprints around the track. They were accompanied by our distance coach (Ricardo Cuevas) who runs about 3-5 miles per day.  An adult walking around the track stopped near our runners while they were on a break. He approached one of them and said, “You guys are very fast, keep running while you can because when you get my age you won’t be able to run like that.”

“How old are you,” asked one of the athletes?

“I’m 48,” he replied.

“Oh….” One of the kids paused, and reluctantly mumbled, “Our coach is 49.” He motioned toward Coach Cuevas, who had been running every lap with the athletes, while reminding them to stay relaxed and focus on their breathing.

The man smiled and walked away.

Is 30 the new 20? 40 the new 30? 36 the new 26? Wouldn’t I like to think so? I recently had my 36th birthday so it’s fitting to discuss age, aging, and the fear associated with it. The bottom line is; we all age. Like it or not, there are 365 days in a year and every year one of those days will be your day of birth. Although aging is inevitable, we do have control over how well or poorly we do so. So many myths about aging exist. Yet so many people seem to have a grasp of how to age gracefully. Read more

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