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5 “Lazy Busting” Tactics You Should Implement Today

Do Yard Work With Your Family

1. Park Further Away

Why do you spend upwards of 5 minutes circling the closest rows near the entrance praying for a parking spot to open up? You are wasting time and gas! Do yourself a favor and grab one of the open exterior spots.  You will get to your shopping faster and you can use the extra exercise.

2.  Make Your Own Coffee

Get yourself a cheap coffee pot and a travel mug. Not only will you save money, but your caloric intake will go down.  Look for non-fat creamers and use the sugar sparingly (if used at all). Your average coffee shop charges around $4 dollars for your favorite beverage.  My morning coffee cost me about 30 cents a day and contains ¼ the calories of your ritzy concoction. Read more

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Quick Fact: Calories

Calorie Quick Fact

Do you know where your calories come from? You may be taking in your recommended daily value (hopefully you know your BMR), but are you taking in too many calories from a particular area (like fat & alcohol). Here is a breakdown of the calories provided by the 3 Macronutrients:

1 Gram of Protein contains 4 Calories

1 Gram of Carbohydrates contains 4 Calories

1 Gram of Fat contains 9 Calories

*It is also important to note that 1 Gram of Alcohol contains 7 Calories. (Almost double that of Protein & Carbs and nearly as much as Fat)

Do you know where your calories are coming from? The package may say “100 Calories,” but is it all from fat? You might want to start paying attention!

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