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You’re A Woman. Know Your Role!

Don't be his mannequin!“Women are here to serve men. They need to wait hand and foot on their better halves. Women exercise because they don’t want to get traded in for their better looking best friend. Women have a specific role and they need to realize that.”

These were the comments I overheard while eaves dropping on two meatheads at the gym. Two DUMB meatheads I should add. It was obvious that neither had an education nor really understood a woman’s worth.

Now I know what you are thinking. Those guys are idiots and no girl in their right mind would date either one of them. That’s what I was thinking too. But to my amazement, two young women approached them while they were working out. I heard one of the young ladies ask one of the guys “are you ready to go?” What came out of his mouth is going to blow your mind and is ultimately what led me to write this article.

His response: “I’ll come get you when I’m ready. Keep working out. Have you even lost any weight yet.”

The sad part about it was that she was in no way overweight. Even sadder though, she responded back by saying “I was on the elliptical for 30 minutes, but I guess I can do more.”

I could not believe this attractive young woman allowed this guy to treat her like that. He had her conditioned to believe that she wasn’t good enough. I don’t know for certain, but he probably also had her believing he was some type of Greek God. (Sorry dude, the receding hair line, the weight you should be losing, and the orange glow from your spray tan says otherwise)

Why do some women allow men to place them in an inferior role? Why do some women feel the need to put their needs and wishes second to their partners? When did looking good for some idiot take precedence over feeling loved and respected?

I would like to tell all you ladies – Know Your Role!

Your role just so happens to be standing tall and proud NEXT to your partner. You should never feel as if you need to walk a step behind. Is he trying to take too much of the spotlight? Pull his butt back. Also, you should never have to feel ashamed because of some snide comment he makes. Do not stand for that.

Do you need to lose weight? Do you want to lose weight? You make that decision. Ask for his support, not his criticism.

And men, if you have something to say, make sure you are saying it for the right reason. I never get on my wife for eating fast food because I’m worried about how she’ll look in a bikini. I get on her because I do not want to be raising grandchildren solo someday because I lost her to heart disease.

So women, it is about time you realize how precious you are. It is about time you realize your role. In my opinion you are God’s greatest creation followed by man. Your man does not own you. Your weight loss journey, your life journey, will be much more rewarding if you embark on it standing tall and proud next to your partner. Take your rightful place next to him as a Queen. Remove your shackles and let him know you are no longer his servant. Remove yourself from his shadow. Do it for yourself, do it for your family. Know your role!


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Are Your Children Getting Enough Vitamin D?

Knock out two birds with one stone. Take them outside for some type of fitness activity and allow their body to absorb Vitamin D from the sun. Just be careful not to expose them for too long. The sun can also have damaging effects. (Sunburn Ow wees)

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Hey You, Stupid, That’s Not Healthy!

Maybe that’s harsh, but we’ve all been a little “stupid” when it comes to eating healthy. Maybe you aren’t anymore, but like me, and Dale, two very educated fitness experts, you probably emerged from the dark corners of stupidity.

Let’s start with some very harsh truths. Fat free, sugar free, no sugar added, and low fat, are full of deception. Fat free and Low Fat actually means it meets the FDA’s standards for low or non feet, but check the serving sizes as the info is deceiving. Sugar Free and No Sugar Added, actually means it probably gets its sweet taste from artificial sweeteners. When artificial sweeteners are added, the food is likely to be high in calories. You’ll get the calories, like it or not. The reason they are listed boldly on the foods we eat are because, it’s acting as a cloak over all the other crap it contains. Don’t be duped by catchy slogans and eye popping colors. They are deceptive.

Here are some common foods we consume each day that are masquerading as healthy.

Trail Mix: Nowadays they are even called Energy packs. M&Ms aren’t healthy alone; therefore they aren’t healthy in trail mix. The sugar in them is artificial energy and also high glycemic. The nuts are full of excess refined salts that aren’t healthy either. Alternative: Make your own trail mix with nuts closer to their natural form and leave out the M&Ms.

Diet Soda: Why does it taste so sweet? You guessed it, artificial sweeteners. Also, people who consume diet sodas are more likely to eat access calories as the soda lacks essential nutrients and make the body starve for them. Most of you even drink diet soda to give yourself an excuse to stray from a healthy diet in other areas. Don’t be stupid; bad calories are bad calories…Period.                                                                                Alternative:  Milk, energy water, natural juices, and water.

Fruit Juice: If you didn’t squeeze those apples, oranges, and bananas in that bottle, it’s probably not 100% fruit juice. You should limit this as much as possible, especially to children, as excessive use has led to obesity, tooth decay, and a false belief that they are getting their recommended servings of fruit.                                                         Alternative: 100% natural fruit juice, freshly squeezed juice, or fresh fruit.

Protein bars: Most of them are actually candy bars with added protein. Take a look at the amount of calories in those things. People eat these as a substitute for bad meals. Think again and pay attention to the nutritional label.                                          Alternative: lean beef jerky, homemade trail mix, and lower calorie protein bars.

 Fruit snacks: “Ok, no more of those.”

“But it’s ‘fruit’ snacks!” She replies.

“There’s no fruit in there,” I return.                                                                         That’s a conversation I had with my daughter when she was 8, you should know better. If you think there’s fruit in those, I have some fruit lard to sell you for weight loss also. Fruit snacks are full of sugar and worthless calories.                                            Alternative: Fresh fruit, homemade trail mix, and vegetables.            

Honarable mentions: Sandwiches with all the fixings, sushi rolls(little sushi, lots of extras), fruit cocktails (added sugars for taste, and processed for shelf life).

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Can’t Lose Those Last 10 Pounds? Here’s Why!

Believe me, the last 10 pounds are the hardest to lose. At this point you have probably thrown all the tricks at your body and it is ready for anything. The last 10 pounds will take discipline, a strict diet, and very high intensity training. You will need to count every calorie in and calorie out. Some days you might even feel a little depleted but no one has ever gotten to their ultimate goal weight and composition without sacrifice. Truth be told; this may be one of the hardest journeys you have ever embarked on.

First, be honest about your weight goals. Are you being unrealistic? Are your goals set to a point you can’t attain or maintain once you get there? Have you done the look test? Often times we are set on an arbitrary number when the proof is in the mirror. If your body composition is there; who cares about the weight? Once you have made the assessments and feel you still need to dispose of the last 5-10 pounds, here is what it takes. Read more

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Easter Excuses!

If you are someone who either goes on diets or follows a strict diet, the holidays are always tough. Everyone is always trying to get you to stray from your diet. I know, you hear it all the time.

“Oh gosh just have a piece of pie, you can start the diet back up tomorrow.”

Don’t worry, we are here for you. Here are a few excuses and tactics to use at that Easter get together.

  • Chances are you are going to a couple of different homes on Easter. Here’s an excuse for everyone at the first destination. “I don’t want to eat a lot here because I won’t want to offend his parents when we get to their house.”
  • This works in reverse for the second destination. “Oh, I’ll have to pass; I am so stuffed from eating at her parents’ house. You can even put a dab of barbecue sauce on your shirt so that everyone thinks you’ve been chowing down.
  • Hover around the vegetable and fruit tray snacking on those. Most people will just see that your mouth is always full and won’t question if you’ve been eating or not. Having your mouth full of food might keep you from being stuck in a corner talking about government conspiracies and alien probes with your crazy uncle.
  • Get a huge plate of all the goodies, so much that everyone will have to notice you are overindulging. Surely someone will feel bad for you and offer support by saying, “Wow, I thought you were on a diet.” This is your opportunity to play on their emotions and say, “You know, you’re right, I shouldn’t do this to myself,” and return all the goodies. No one will question you, as they will believe they are responsible for stopping you from a complete meltdown. Some might even put theirs away to support your diet. Congratulations, you have just turned the table on them.
  • Grab a blue Easter egg, rub it all over your face and tell everyone that you aren’t feeling well, hence the reason you’re Blue in the face.
  • At your first destination eat a couple hard boiled Easter eggs. By the time you reach your second destination, no one will want to be around you and your flatulence or notice what you’ve been eating.

If all else fails, yell out, “RESPECT MY DIET!” Or, just loosen up and have a cheat day. Happy Easter!

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Beat Your Children. It Will Change Their Lives.

Beating them will help them!Yes. You read that right. I believe you should beat your children. Why? Because it’s good for them. They need a strong authoritative figure in their life. Children are very easily influenced. You shouldn’t be a “hands off” parent who simply “voices” their concerns and demands. You need to physically show your children “the way” and BEAT them in the process.

Allow me to share with you some ideas:

-Your child walks through the door after a long day at school. Instinctively, they head to the kitchen to grab a soda and some chips. This is where you come in . BEAT them to the kitchen. Grab a healthy snack for yourself and prepare one for them as well. Beat them to the punch. Lead by example.

-Saturday mornings your children usually sit around in their pajamas watching cartoons. Not any more! BEAT them to the couch. Have their play clothes and tennis shoes laid out and ready to go. Let them know you have planned a special “breakfast in the park.” Pack a healthy meal and picnic blanket and head to your local park. Take pleasure in each other’s company. After a great meal, get physical and enjoy the park. Show them that there are alternatives to being couch potatoes.

-You always allow your children to win because you don’t want to damage their self esteem. I get it. I used to cry when my mom beat me in a foot race. She didn’t realize it at the time, but what she ultimately did was teach me to work harder. Everyone cant be the winner. Teach this to your children. Have them embrace the process of working hard. Praise them for their effort. If you praise a half-hearted attempt in which they “win,” they will never know the importance of effort. Occasionally BEAT your children during competitions. Praise their efforts and encourage them to work harder in order to beat you next time.

There are many other examples of when you should BEAT your children. None of which include giving them a black eye. Look for opportunities to be first and beat them to the punch. Set the example and show them the way.

Do you have an idea for “BEATING” your children. Use the comment box below and share your thoughts.

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Live Longer With These Great Foods

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What’s a Workout Piggy Bank?

Studies show that short bouts of working out throughout the day are very beneficial. The body has a workout piggy bank. This means if you only have time to do short sessions of 5, 10, or 15 minute exercise routines, it’s much better than being sedentary. Don’t let time be your inhibitor. Put 5 minutes and 40 calories in the workout piggy bank 6 times a day and you will have worked out for 30 minutes and worked off 240 calories. Now that’s what I call fitness at your convenience! No More Excuses!

Check out my 3 Exercises You Should do Right Now if you need a short routine to add to your workout piggy bank.

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3 Reasons To Cook Asparagus Today!

1. It has Anti-Aging benefits– The powerful antioxidants in Asparagus help fight free radicals and keep them from multiplying. It has also been proven to reduce loose muscle and sagging skin. Asparagus is also rich in Vitamin C which is a natural skin booster due to its aide in the production of collagen.

2. It’s Heart Healthy– It is high in Folate which fights blood levels that increase the risk of heart disease.

3. It Helps Prevent Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis– It is high in Vitamin K which aids in bone repair and formation.

With so many benefits why wouldn’t your family add asparagus to their diet? Here is one of my favorite ways to prepare asparagus. It’s quick and tasty!

Grab 1 bunch of medium sized asparagus, cut them into 1 to 2 inch sections and boil in a medium size saucepan of water. Boil the asparagus for 2 minutes, drain the water, and toss the asparagus into a bowl of parmesan cheese, olive oil, and fresh lemon peels. Add salt and pepper and serve.

Even kids who are reluctant to eat asparagus won’t be able to resist the smell of lemons and parmesan cheese. They’ll love it!

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3 Exercises You Should Do Right Now!

Tired of making excuses for not working out? Do you find yourself saying, “I don’t’ have time,” or “I don’t know what to do?” Well here is a time saving exercise program that will have your upper and lower body in shape swiftly. All you need are 5 minutes and a little commitment.

Chair squats (1min): We stand and sit all day every day. Today we can make it a work out. Start your timer and perform the workout.  Try contracting the abs as you move toward the sitting position. Once you reach the seat, pause for a second and then contract the glutes and hamstrings to lift up out of the chair. Be sure to control the motions as well as the pace. If you aren’t able to complete a minute without rest, pause and start again as soon as you can.

Chair Squats

Chair Squats

Rest (1 minute): Sip a little water during this rest period and shake the legs out Read more

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