GTL- Life Lessons from the Jersey Shore Cast. Honestly!

9 million people watched the Season 3 Finale of Jersey Shore. Although I wasn’t one of them, I do think there are life lessons everyone can learn from the cast. Honestly!

Gym: need I say more? Make it a priority to head to the gym 3 days a week. Don’t have time for the gym? Buy a few 3-12 pound dumbbells and turn your living room into a gym. Dont have money for dumbbells? Grab a couple cans of non-perishables and use those. Or you can try this Body Weight Circuit in your back yard.

Tan: moderate sun exposure helps produce Vitamin D which promotes bone health. Studies also suggest that sunlight hitting the skin and eyes, shakes wintertime blues. It is important that we reiterate, moderate sun exposure is beneficial whereas over exposure can be very detrimental and put one at risk of Skin Cancer. 15-20 minutes of occasional sun exposure without the use of sunblocks has been proven to be beneficial.

Laundry: many major germs and bacteria live on dirty gym clothes. Wash gym clothes soon after working out. Don’t forget to toss the gym bag in the washer as well as many germs live and grow there.

So there you have it. The HealthyFitFamilies crew finds life lessons on The Jersey Shore.

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