Fat, Lazy, Full Of Excuses!

The ultimate goal in wellness is living a longer healthier life. There are generally 3 reasons people engage in fitness: (1) To prevent and/or manage diseases, (2) For sport or job performance, and (3) For cosmetic purposes. Although each have different motives, they all lead to a common theme which is a longer, healthier life. For each of the 3 reasons stated, fat and lazy people will find a plethora of reasons (excuses wrapped in a bow) why they can’t engage in fitness activities. The following are excuses debunked.

I don’t have time to exercise… Be honest with yourself. How much time do you spend sitting around watching television, texting, playing video games, doodling, or whatever? When you say, I don’t have time, what you are truly saying is; “I’m not making time.” Make time. Write a daily plan and find 30 minutes a day to do something.

I don’t have the money… You don’t need money in order to be fit. There are exercises you can perform using your body weight in the confines of your own living room. Anyone who wants to be fit has the means to be fit.

I have a lot of stress in my life right now…. Exercise has been proven to release endorphins. Some doctors even prescribe exercise to patients with anxiety. Many stressors can be alleviated by exercise.

I have bad knees… Can you walk?  Can you bend over and pick something up off the floor? Can you squat down and stand back up? Can you lift a can of beans out of the cupboard? Here is an exercise plan for you: Walk around your living room for 5 minutes.  Bend over and touch the ground 20 times. Squat down and stand back up 20 times. Take a can of beans out of the cupboard using both hands and put it back in the cupboard 20 times. Repeat that circuit of exercises 2 times for 2 weeks, 3 times for the next 3 weeks, and so forth. I am sure once you start seeing results, you will want to do more. Chances are, your bad knees are do to a lack of exercise and the extra weight imposed on them. Once you begin to exercise you will strengthen your knees and the muscles around them which will alleviate much of the pain you are experiencing.

I have children… Children love to do things with their parents. Turn the television to a music channel and have a dance session with them. Lift them up, put them down, chase them around the neighborhood. Teach them the importance of exercise at a young age so that they don’t grow up making the same excuses you are.

I hate going to the gym… Don’t go! There are two important ingredients to any exercise program. (1) It promotes health and (2) It is fun and enjoyable. Find something healthy that you enjoy doing. Dancing, soccer, basketball, running, and jumping rope, can all be done without ever stepping foot in a fitness center. Check out your local parks and rec department for programs that peak your interest. Everyone doesn’t have to be a gym rat. In fact, the majority of fit people aren’t. Most are engaging in fitness activities in various venues.

I don’t have a workout partner… Use community groups, social networks, and friends and relatives as resources. There is someone out there, just like you, looking for someone to get fit with.

Although I have articulately discredited many of the “reasons” why many don’t engage in physical fitness, they may truly be debunked by one word. “PRIORITY”. Many of you have yet to make wellness a priority. If one were to study their “reasons” they would find that they are simply finding other things to do in the time that they might exercise. Choose to be fit now. Not tomorrow or next week, NOW! Get up right now and resist the natural inclination to be Fat, Lazy, and Full of Excuses! Get out there and Train Your Butt Off!

By Demitrius A. Snaer M.Ed., Kinesiology, Certified Personal Trainer

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What are endorphins?

    • Health Coach says:

      Endorphins are small protein molecules, produced by cells mainly in the nervous system. They play an important role in pain relief, stress, and frustration control. They also reduce sypmtoms associated with eating disorders.

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