Bored of Your Treadmill? Try This!

Liven up the Treadmill

If all you have been accustomed to do is hop on and run the usual 10-30min. This workout will make that treadmill fun and help you burn more calories.

  1. Start with a light 4 minute warm up jog.
  2. Speed the treadmill up to a challenging run pace for 1 minute. (be careful and know your limits)
  3. Slow the treadmill back down to a walking pace or stop it completely.
  4. Step off the treadmill and drop down and perform 5-15 pushups and 25-50 crunches. (Try not to spend more than one minute off the treadmill)
  5. Carefully step back on the treadmill and repeat steps 2-4 up to 10 times.
  6. End with a light 4 minute cool down jog.


This workout will allow you to get more out of your 30 minutes of cardio while engaging the upper body and core. It will be very challenging for most but will also liven up that treadmill.

Don’t forget to try different variations of this workout. The more fit you become the more challenging you can make it. Try jump squats, jumping jacks, shadow boxing, and lunges in between runs for core and leg engaging workouts. Don’t let the treadmill become a worthless coat rack!

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