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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Kids Healthier!

1. Drink more water. Kids need to drink lots of water and chances are yours aren’t drinking enough. Require your kids to drink 1-2 glasses before drinking any juice at meal times. Keep little bottles of water in the fridge. Kids are more inclined to drink those throughout the day than they are the adult bottles. Be sure to pack water in their lunches so that they are sipping on it at school.

2. Educate them. Give them credit for how smart they are. It is okay to tell your kids about making healthy choices. Let them know that unhealthy living can lead to illnesses as they age. Kids want to be police officers, firefighters, professional athletes, and other professions that require being healthy. Let them know that certain foods make them strong enough to be what they aspire to be. Read more

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Target Heart Rate Targets Fat!

Trarget Heart Rates Target Fat

Trarget Heart Rates Target Fat

How many times have you walked into the gym and jumped straight on the treadmill, set it to some unknown setting and just started running.  Well first of all let me say that would be better than sitting in the sauna room.  If you are trying to break a sweat you are better off doing so by working hard.  Trust me! No fitness model has ever obtained their physique from sitting in some hot stuffy room for hours on end.  Get off your butt, start moving your body, and raise your heart rate.  If your goal is to improve cardiovascular fitness and or to shed a few pounds then you should be aiming for a target heart rate.  It does not make any sense to waste time in the gym.  If you have actually mustered up the energy and motivation to put in the work, then you should maximize your time. Don’t fall victim to unknown equipment settings or thoughtless workouts.  You should know your target heart rate.

 How do I find my target heart rate you ask? Read more

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Bored of Your Treadmill? Try This!

Liven up the Treadmill

If all you have been accustomed to do is hop on and run the usual 10-30min. This workout will make that treadmill fun and help you burn more calories.

  1. Start with a light 4 minute warm up jog.
  2. Speed the treadmill up to a challenging run pace for 1 minute. (be careful and know your limits)
  3. Slow the treadmill back down to a walking pace or stop it completely.
  4. Step off the treadmill and drop down and perform 5-15 pushups and 25-50 crunches. (Try not to spend more than one minute off the treadmill)
  5. Carefully step back on the treadmill and repeat steps 2-4 up to 10 times.
  6. End with a light 4 minute cool down jog.


This workout will allow you to get more out of your 30 minutes of cardio while engaging the upper body and core. It will be very challenging for most but will also liven up that treadmill.

Don’t forget to try different variations of this workout. The more fit you become the more challenging you can make it. Try jump squats, jumping jacks, shadow boxing, and lunges in between runs for core and leg engaging workouts. Don’t let the treadmill become a worthless coat rack!

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How To Lose Belly Fat, The Honest Truth!

First of all, I think most people know what it takes to lose belly fat. However, they are still inclined to click the advertisements to the right of web pages that say, “Lose Belly Fat Tomorrow,” or “Amazing Fat Shedding Pill.”

Come on, be honest with yourself.

There is no way to Lose Belly Fat Tomorrow or by next week. No Way! Whatever you do to try and lose belly fat will take time. I tell my trainees that the time it took to gain the belly fat, it might take twice that time to lose it.

Amazing Fat Shedding Pills are not amazing at all. Each pill, drink, or serum you buy will include some version of the following statement, “this pill should be combined with a comprehensive diet and exercise routine.” So why do you need the pill? A pill’s very limited improvement will only treat the effects of poor nutrition but won’t remove the cause of the belly fat.

The Honest Truth is that losing belly fat will take dedication and a will to succeed. If losing belly fat were easy, everyone would have rock hard abs. Losing belly fat will take the entire family’s support and dedication as well. “Maybe this isn’t for you!” (I was advised by my wife not to make that statement) But honestly, you may not have what it takes to do it.


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Skinny Does Not Mean Healthy

This is a great video. It is important to know your body fat percentage. You should search out professionals in your area that offer testing. (Local gyms, trainers, Physicians, etc.)

Fit “looking” on the outside does not always mean “healthy” on the inside!

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Why You Should Be Eating Salmon!

Because it’s delicious! It also has many health benefits. Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which reduces bad cholesterol and also prevents blood clots that obstruct blood to the brain (helping prevent stroke) and heart (helping prevent heart attack). Fish oils in salmon also enable your body to create vitamin D, which increases calcium and the formulation of new bone. Salmon boosts healthy growth in kids and will have them smiling from ear to ear after tasting it.

Here’s a quick recipe:  Grab a fresh 1-2lbs salmon fillet and place it on a sheet of foil. Preheat your oven to 450 degrees. Squeeze orange and pineapple juice along the top of it. Next, season it with a variety of seasonings. If you want to cheat, there are many seasoning blends sold at your grocery store. Next, pull the ends of the foil over the salmon leaving a little of the middle open. Lastly pop it in the oven for about 40-50 min. Serve it with steamed broccoli and brown rice.

If you aren’t eating salmon, you should be!

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GTL- Life Lessons from the Jersey Shore Cast. Honestly!

9 million people watched the Season 3 Finale of Jersey Shore. Although I wasn’t one of them, I do think there are life lessons everyone can learn from the cast. Honestly!

Gym: need I say more? Make it a priority to head to the gym 3 days a week. Don’t have time for the gym? Buy a few 3-12 pound dumbbells and turn your living room into a gym. Dont have money for dumbbells? Grab a couple cans of non-perishables and use those. Or you can try this Body Weight Circuit in your back yard.

Tan: moderate sun exposure helps produce Vitamin D which promotes bone health. Studies also suggest that sunlight hitting the skin and eyes, shakes wintertime blues. It is important that we reiterate, moderate sun exposure is beneficial whereas over exposure can be very detrimental and put one at risk of Skin Cancer. 15-20 minutes of occasional sun exposure without the use of sunblocks has been proven to be beneficial.

Laundry: many major germs and bacteria live on dirty gym clothes. Wash gym clothes soon after working out. Don’t forget to toss the gym bag in the washer as well as many germs live and grow there.

So there you have it. The HealthyFitFamilies crew finds life lessons on The Jersey Shore.

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What is BMI?

First, let me be clear. Many fitness professionals debate the validity of the BMI. Some say it’s too simplistic and inaccurate. However others say it is a very reliable indicator of fatness used by doctors to determine how healthy one is. When in doubt, trust your eyes and look at yourself.

BMI is basically a mathematical formula that scales a person’s height relative to their weight. It gives you a range in order to determine weight status or weight categories.


The categories are:

  • Below 18.5 (underweight)
  • 18.5-24.9 (normal)
  • 25.0-29.9 (overweight)  
  • 30.0 and above (obese)

 A person in the underweight range might be at risk of having decreased immunity, malnutrition, or bone loss. A person in the overweight and obese range might be at risk of Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, and Cancer.

 The biggest discrepancies with BMI is that it can sometimes overestimate body fat in large frame muscular people and underestimate body fat in small frame non muscular people. However it is generally a reliable indicator of body fat. BMI is only one tool in determining fitness levels and should be used in conjunction with a health screening.

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Consumer Information: How to Understand and Use the Nutrition Facts Label

Nutrition LabelConsumer Information How to Understand and Use the Nutrition Facts Label.

Above is a great link to a U.S. Food and Drug Administration page which breaks down how to understand food labels.

It is important to understand what you are putting into your body.  If you are not checking labels when you are shopping….. You Should Be!

I hope their tutorial can help you.

Post a comment if you have any questions and I will be here to assist you.

Now get out there and Train Your Butt Off!

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The Family Walk

Take the family on a walk!If you are having a hard time making fitness a part of your daily routine, start with a family walk. One of the best ways to start adding exercise to your day is by walking a little. The family bonding doesn’t hurt either. Did you know that depending on the intensity of the walk you can burn between 300 and 500 calories in 20 minutes? Who doesn’t have 20 minutes a day to bond with their family? Want to take that calorie burn to the next level? While on the walk, race your child to the next light pole or see who can jump the farthest. Your kids will love the bonding and won’t mind being a part of an exercise routine.

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